All of the following publications can be ordered by making a check payable in the appropriate amount (prices listed after each publication) to "Concordia University Press" and mailing it to:

Dr. Joel Heck
Concordia University Press
11400 Concordia University Drive
Austin, Texas 78726

Include $3.00 for postage and packaging in addition to the price of the book or other item you are ordering.

Published Works:

Ingerose Paust, Exodus of the Eight Hundred. Austin: Concordia University Press, 2015. $18.

Zersen, David and Kumar, Moses, editors. Planting in Native Soil: Studies in Gospel Inculturation. Delhi: ISPCK and Austin: Concordia University Press, 2015. $15.00.

Joel Heck, Visiting with C. S. Lewis: A Perpetual Calendar. 2013. A first-ever daily calendar (not limited to any one year) for C. S. Lewis fans in a spiral-bound tent format with original color photos for each week and an event for each day of the year. A limited number of copies are still available. Learn about the key events in the life of C. S. Lewis day by day. $20.00 plus $3.00 postage and packaging.

Zersen, David. Concordia on the Move. 2013. A history of Concordia University Texas from 1926 to 2013, authored by its President Emeritus, David Zersen. $20.00 paperback, $30.00 hardcover.

Cravens, C. Zersen, D., editors. Transcontinental Encounters: Central Europe Meets the American Heartland. Austin: Concordia University Press, 2005. (A study of central European immigration patterns to the United States, including some to Texas, which seeks to make a contribution to the university community as a reader in immigration studies.) $10.00

Joel Heck, editor. Socratic Digest (reprint). Available only from for $25.00.

Joel Heck and Angus Menuge, eds.,Learning at the Foot of the Cross: A Lutheran Vision for Education (released in 2011). Chapters by Gene Edward Veith, Judy Christian, Russ Moulds,Jane Buerger, Jeff Mallinson, and others. $20.00.

Jan Kilian, Poetry and Hymnody (translated by Viera Buzgova and Martin Doering). 2010. $10.00

C. S. Lewis and E. M. W. Tillyard (reprint), The Personal Heresy: A Controversy. A reprint of an original 1939 publication with a new Introduction by Bruce Edwards and Preface by Joel Heck, 2008. $19.95 (out of print, but soon to be reprinted by a major publisher)

Trudla Malinkowa, Shores of Hope: Wends Go Overseas(translation of Ufer der Hoffnung from the German). Austin: Concordia University Press, 2009. $20.00 (recently reprinted and now available)

E. J. Potente and David Zersen, Shaping Worship Space: How Christians Shelter and Adorn their Liturgies, 2008. $14.95

Wukasch, Charles. A Rock Against Alien Waves: The History of the Wends. Austin: Concordia University Press, 2004, second edition 2008. (The only current English-language study of the European Wends who immigrated to Texas in 1854 and were largely responsible for the founding of Concordia.) $10.00

Zersen, David. Learners to Leaders: Stories About People in Process. Austin: Concordia University Press, 1999. (A work telling the stories of nine of Concordia's most famous alumni in the university's Year of the Alumni.) $5.00

Ray Martens, Worthy of Double Honor: The Life of Rev. G. Birkmann, D.D. Austin: Concordia University Press, 2011. (The life story of the s first president of the Texas District.) $20.00

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