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Service-Learning Week

Thank you for participating in the 9th annual Service-Learning week!

November 2-7, 2015
Love Knows No Borders


** Service-Learning Week Table between Buildings C&D from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. each day. **

Details about Service Opportunities


Service-Learning Week Schedule

Monday: What are the odds?

Learn about causes behind immigration as well as real-life scenarios experienced by immigrants. Stop by the table to understand different circumstances immigrants might find themselves in while trying to cross into another country.

Service Opportunity:

  • SELF-30
    9am - 12pm, Residence Hall Lobby

Tuesday: Try to Understand

We will never be able to fully understand what challenges an undocumented person goes through on a daily basis. However, we can try an exercise of empathy and reflection. Stop by the table to receive a UN stamp and learn how it might change your day.

Service Opportunity:

  • SELF-30
    9am - 12pm, Residence Hall Lobby

Wednesday: Identity

Undocumented immigrants go throughout their daily lives without any proof of identity. The fear of being asked to provide such documentation can be paralyzing. Imagine the constant state of anxiety that a person might feel in this situation. What makes up your identity? Stop by the table and check out the identity board.

Robert C. Greene Endowed Lecture in Service-Learning

11a.m. and 12p.m. in Building A Auditorium

Hector Rochin, ASU engineering student, will share about his life's struggle of finding his identity and how he's used his experiences to help others. He will be joined by Pastor Tim Moore, Immigration Specialist and National Advocate for Bibles, Badges and Business at the National Immigration Forum.

Service Opportunity:

  • SELF-30
    9am - 12pm, Residence Hall Lobby

Thursday: The Stranger

What does Jesus's command to welcome the stranger look like in a modern context? Join us tonight for a special 9:09 move night, some good food and discussion. Stop by the table to learn more about tonight's event! Also make sure to stop by chapel at 10:30am to hear guest speaker Pastor Tim Moore. 

Movie Night at 8:00pm!

Bring a blanket for the movie and donate it afterward to Keep Austin Warm! More information about this initiative is available at the table.

Service Opportunities:

  • SELF-30
    9am - 1pm, Residence Hall Lobby
  • Street Youth Dinner
    3-6:30pm, meet at the Residence Halls
  • Summit Assisted Living
    5:30-8pm, meet at the Residence Halls


Friday: Use Your VOICE

Do something. Stop by the table and learn about ways that you can make a difference. Learn how to call your nearest political representative and how you can get involved.

"Bocón!" Performance

CTX Theatre will be performing the play "Bocon!" at 7:30pm.

Service Opportunity:

  • SELF-30


Service-Learning Week will continue through the weekend with exciting events for the CTX community.

"Bocón!" Performance

CTX Theatre will be performing the play "Bocon!" at 2pm and 7:30pm.

 Service Opportunity:

  • Habitat for Humanity
    Help build a 3-bedroom home for a young couple and their 2 kids. Their previous home was lost due to a fire in Leander that happened the same weekend as the Bastrop, TX fires.

    Meet at the Fieldhouse Flag Pole at 6:40am to carpool. Return by 3:30pm.
    Breakfast tacos, lunch and gloves will be provided!


"Bocón!" Performance

CTX Theatre will be performing the play "Bocon!" at 2pm.

 Service Opportunity:

  • Giddings Juvenile Justice Center
    Paperwork must be turned in by Nov. 5.


To participate in any service opportunity, register on GivePulse.

For more information about the Service-Learning Program or about Service-Learning Week, please email

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