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B.A. in Business Degree Requirements

This major provides a well-rounded introduction to general business principles. While familiarizing students with general business principles, this major specializes in developing leadership skills with the goal of better preparing its graduates to become effective, caring, Christian managers.

The B.A. in Business develops leadership skills and prepares graduates to become effective, caring, Christian managers. With an emphasis on finance and accounting, it will equip students to enter graduate-level programs in business and business-related fields. Like all ADP degrees, the B.A. in Business emphasizes communication skills.

Core Requirements - 58 academic hours

Note: The core requirements may be fulfilled by either 1) completing the following courses, or 2) enrolling in and completing the Associate of Arts in Behavioral Science degree from Concordia University.

English - 12 academic hours

ENG 1316 Freshman English I
ENG 1317 Introduction to Literature
ENG Elective - Literature
ENG Elective

Fine Arts - 3 academic hours

Any ART, Drama or MUS course.

Mathematics - 3 academic hours

MTH 1351 College Algebra or higher

Natural Science -7 to 8 academic hours

Any natural science lab course plus any three or four- academic hour natural science course unless otherwise indicated or
BIO 1400 Introduction to Biology and
SCI 1401 Scientific Thought

Physical Education - 3 academic hours

KIN 2320 Adult Personal and Community Wellness or
any combination of fitness, skill, or kinesiology theory

Social/Behavioral Sciences - 12 academic hours

HIS 1301 US History to 1877 or
HIS 1302 US History from 1877
GOV 1303 Introduction to American Government
ECO 2301 Introduction to Macroeconomics
ECO 2302 Introduction to Microeconomics

Communication - 3 academic hours

COM 2300 Fundamentals of Communication

Religion - 12 academic hours

REL 1301 New Testament History and Reading
REL 1311 History and Literature of the Old Testament
REL Elective
REL Elective

Classics/Humanities - 3 academic hours

A 3-academic hour course from the area of Classics/Humanities


Business Major Requirements - 45 Academic hours

ACC 2301 Fundamentals of Financial Accounting
ACC 2302 Fundamentals of Managerial Accounting
CIS 2304 Spreadsheet Software
MTH 2301 Introduction to Statistics
BUS 3310 Leadership and Business
BUS 3311 Principles of Management
BUS 3321 Business Law
BUS 3350 Principles of Marketing
BUS 3360 Finance
BUS 4302 Strategic Management
COM 3331 Organizational Communications

Plus four courses from among the following:
BUS 3312 Small Business Management
BUS 3313 Creativity, Critical Thinking, and Change
BUS 3340 Human Resources Management
BUS 3351 Selling and Sales Management
BUS 3361 Money, Banking, and Credit
BUS 3370 Purchasing Management
BUS 3380 Production and Operations Management
BUS 4310 Business Internship
BUS 4311 International Management
BUS 4350 International Marketing


Elective Hours: Elective courses can be used to bring the number of academic hours up to the minimum requirement of 128, of which 39 must be upper level.



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