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ADP Student

HRM Degree Requirements

MTH 1351 College Algebra
MTH 2301 Introduction to Statistics 
CIS 2304 Spreadsheet Software
COM 3331 Organizational Communication
BUS 3310 Leadership and Business
BUS 3314 Finance for Non-Financial Managers
BUS 3380 Production and Operations Management
HRM 3305 Legal Concepts & Environment in H.R.
HRM 3315 Training and Development
HRM 3320 Compensation and Benefits
HRM 3325 Labor Relations
HRM 3330 Organizational Staffing and Selection
HRM 3345 Fundamentals of H.R. Management
HRM 3350 Conflict Negotiation
HRM 3355 International H.R. Management
HRM 4315 Strategic Management in Human Resources

Elective Hours: Elective courses can be used to bring the number of academic hours up to the minimum requirement of 128, of which 39 must be upper level.

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