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The BA in Business at Concordia University Texas provides students with the knowledge and practice of the skills needed to be successful in the workforce - and in life.

You will learn both the quantitative skills that are needed to make good business decisions and the qualitative skills that help you manage and lead organizations in a way that makes them - and their employees - better. With a strong focus on teamwork as well as writing, this major will also prepare you for the next level of your education in a graduate program.


Learning Environment

Sitting in a classroom with other professionals will take your learning to the next level as everyone brings their own experience to the discussion and dialogue. You will be challenged to think deeply and strategically as you develop these skills and then use them the next day in your work environment.


Concordia faculty in the BA in Business program are professionals themselves, instructors who work and serve in the community and bring their expertise to the classroom. Being both academically and professionally qualified is important for us because we want the student to learn deeply and practice completely the knowledge and skills needed for success.


Be ready to work in teams because we believe this prepares you for the real world. Being able to understand others, work together, and produce a quality finished project is what sets our graduates apart.

They consistently tell us that they are being recognized for:

  • their work ethic
  • their ability to think and develop new ideas
  • their ability to work in and lead groups
  • their commitment to ethical behavior
  • their treatment of their co-workers


Concordia graduates are making a difference and being recognized for what they do, whether it is in a small business, a hospital setting, a government job, or a brand-new startup.

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