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Medical Classroom Trial
Medical Missions
Medical Staff
Medical Mission Experience

Nursing Faculty

Director of School of Nursing and Assistant Dean College of Science

Professor Kathryn Lauchner, Ph.D.,RN

Senior Year Division Chair

Keith Ellen Ragsdale RN, EdD

Junior Year Division Chair

James (Ron) Hilliard RN, MSN                  

Full-Time Nursing Faculty

Adult Health Nursing Courses  

Sandra Gaskin RN, MSN

Amber Shammas RN, MSN    

Specialty Nursing Courses

Mike Aldridge RN, MSN - Pediatrics

Kristi Wilson RN, MSN – Pediatrics

Robin Cook RN, MSN - Obstetrics

Greta Degen, RN, PhD - Community Health

Full-Time Nursing Staff

Administrative Assistant        

Ms. Elizabeth Rall        

Program Operations Coordinator

Mrs. Sharon Saullo




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