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M.Ed. Orientation

Instructions for viewing the presentations:

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  3. To review a part of any of these orientations you can click on the Advanced Options button at the bottom left. You can then select a certain portion of the presentation to review. 

Part 1: An Orientation to Concordia's Master of Education Program
Time: about 22 minutes

NOTE: Policy change update: Tuition reimbursement has changed information on this page (PDF).

NOTE: Updated contacts for assistance (PDF)

This webinar covers the basics of the programs, explanation of important policies, getting textbooks and accessing technology needed for the program. It also includes contact information in order to receive assistance for any questions regarding the program.

Part 2: An Introduction to the EDAD Program
Time: 12 minutes

This webinar covers an essential introduction for EDAD students.


Please make sure that you have completed and returned all necessary Orientation Forms to your Student Support Coordinator.

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