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Religious Education Degree Requirements

Total Hours: 132-143

Four years of college work, a specialization, and practicum are required to complete the Religious Education major.

Beginning in Fall 2012, students wishing to be admitted into the Religious Education major will need to complete the following course requirements:

Common Experience (PDF)

46 hours - normally completed during the first two years of attendance.

Professional Preparation and Supporting Courses (PDF)

68 hours

Religious Education Specialization

18-29 hours - added to the Professional Preparation hours. Choose one.

Missional Emergent (PDF):
If you are interested in serving as a missionary or in a congregation outreaching to the community, this specialization is ideal for you. Students study the latest in missions philosophy not only global but also local. A Mission Trip is a required part of this specialization.

Theology (PDF):
Students selecting the Theology specialization take an additional 18 hours of theology, Greek, or Hebrew. These classes assist those students who desire a strong Theology background for teaching Bible classes in the parish or perhaps a student who is considering entering the seminary sometime in the future.

Children's Ministry (PDF):
This area offers a strong background in early childhood education. Students take courses in foundations of early childhood, motor development and learning, reading and special learner and school law. This specialization is recommended for students who are thinking of children's ministry or who have interest in assisting a congregation in beginning a Day Care Center at the church or working with a Mom's Day Out program.

Outdoor Ministry (PDF):

If you love the outdoors and ministry in an outdoor setting, this specialization may be your choice. With courses in botany, zoology, geology, astronomy, outdoor Christian education, first aid, and other science-related courses, you will be equipped to lead retreats, science camps or work in a camp setting.

Youth Ministry (PDF):

The Youth Ministry specialization serves as a way for DCE students to receive additional education, outside of the required youth ministry class, on how to minister to adolescents in our changing world. The Youth Ministry specialization is open to non-DCE students who desire to receive ministry education in order to work with adolescents in both church and para-church organizations.

Worship and the Arts (PDF):

If you are interested in leading people in worship through experiential forms such as music, art, drama, and/or visual design; then you should consider Worship and the Arts. Most students in this specialization go on to be worship leaders in a church setting but other possibilities are available as you will be equipped in many forms of worship expression.

Instead of a Specialization, a student may choose from one of the following minors: Behavioral Science (PDF), Business (PDF), Communication: Production and Broadcasting (PDF)Computer Science (PDF), Interpersonal Communication (PDF), Marketing (PDF)Music (PDF)

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Religious Education Minor

In order to receive a minor in Religious Education, you would need to take the required courses. Contact Grant Carey for more information.

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