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Music Minors

Performance areas: Instrumental, Guitar, Organ, Piano, and Voice

Goals: To develop a student’s musical performance skills and knowledge of music theory and history. A student with a minor in music will be an above average performer with conducting skills and a basic knowledge of music history and theory.

Admission Requirements
Student must meet the following prerequisites to enroll in the instrumental music minor program:

  1. Completion of MUS 1332-Music Fundamentals.
  2. Must have previous musical experience on the proposed instrument of study and possess a minimum ability level (high school) demonstrated to the instrumental music faculty via a live audition.

Music Minor degree requirements

Private Music Instuction: (8 Credits from one of the following)

MUS 1110 or MUS 1210 Piano
MUS 1111 or MUS 1211 Guitar
MUS 1115 or MUS 1215 Woodwind
MUS 1116 or MUS 1216 Brass
MUS 1117 or MUS 1217 Percussion
MUS 1118 or MUS 1218 Strings
MUS 1119 or MUS 1219 Voice
MUS 1121 or MUS 1221 Organ
MUS 3110 or MUS 3210 Piano
MUS 3115 or MUS 3211 Guitar
MUS 3111 or MUS 3215 Woodwind
MUS 3116 or MUS 3216 Brass
MUS 3117 or MUS 3217 Percussion
MUS 3118 or MUS 3218 Strings
MUS 3119 or MUS 3219 Voice
MUS 3121 or MUS 3221 Organ

2 Credits Piano

MUS 1110 or MUS 1210 Piano
MUS 3110 or MUS 3210  

Core Requirements: (14 credits)

Prerequisite: MUS 1332 music Fundamentals or theory entrance exam with a score of 70 or higher

MUS 2334 Music Theory I
MUS 2334 Music Theory II
MUS 2118 Aural Skills I
MUS 2119 Aural Skills II
MUS 3342 or MUS 3344 Music History I or Music History II
MUS 2234 Music Technology
MUS 4105 Senior Recital

Ensembles (2 Credits from the following)

MUS 1124 University Choir
MUS 1131 Jazz Ensemble
MUS 1128 Instrumental Ensembles - Strings, Living Praise, Piano
MUS 1129 Vocal Ensembles - Opera and Music Theater Scenes

Additional Courses: (Choose 1 from the following)

MUS 2120 Diction for Singers 
MUS 2214 Basic Conducting Techniques
MUS 2250 World Music
MUS 2340 History of Jazz
MUS 3310 Piano Pedagogy
MUS 3331 Music Pedagogy


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