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History Degree Requirements

Bachelor of Arts in History

Core Curriculum: 43 semester hours of courses in English, Fine Arts, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Kinesiology, Social/Behavioral Sciences, Communication, Foreign Language, Religion, Classics/Humanities, and Leadership. 
Major: 36 semester hours

Major Requirements (36 hours)

Lower Level

HIS 1301  US History to 1877*

HIS 1302  US History from 1877*

*whichever not taken in the Liberal Arts Perspective portion of the Concordia Common Experience Curriculum

HIS 2301  Historical Methods

HIS 2321  Western Civilization to 1715

HIS 2322  Western Civilization from 1715

Upper Level

HIS 3314  Traditions and Values of Classical Civilizations

HIS 3321  International Relations Since 1919

HIS 3301  History of Mexico

HIS 4201  Senior Thesis

HIS 4101  Senior Thesis Completion (only required if thesis is not fully completed in HIS 4201)

One course (three credits) from the following four courses:

HIS 3341  Civil War Era

HIS 3342  The American West

HIS 3343  Post-WWII America

HIS 3344  American Environmental History

Plus nine hours (three classes) from the following list:

HIS 3308  Asian History and Culture

HIS 3304  History and Culture of the Mexican American

HIS 3311  Texas History

HIS 3354  History of Christianity

HIS 4310  History Internship

HIS 4360  Topics in History

HIS 3341  Civil War Era (if not taken above)

HIS 3342  The American West (if not taken above)

HIS 3343  Post-WWII America (if not taken above)

HIS 3344  American Environmental History (if not taken above)

HIS 3398  National/International Travel**

**This course may be repeated but may be used to fulfill the History Major requirement only once.

Supporting Course Requirements (24 hours)

ANT 1301  Introduction to Anthropology OR  HIS/SOC 2306 Race and Ethnic Relations

POLS 1303  American Government and Citizenship

ECO 2301  Intro to Macroeconomics

ENG 3311  Advanced Writing OR  ENG 3318 Writing for Publication

GRG 1312  World Regional Geography OR  GRG 1311 Principles of Geography

REL 33xx  Any REL course

Plus one REL course (three credits) from the following three courses:

REL 3341  Lutheran Doctrine

REL 3353  American Christianity

REL 3381  Major World Religions

Students seeking a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree must complete the following in addition to the Concordia Common Experience Curriculum and major requirements:

Global/Cultural (3 hours)

Completed through major requirements.

Modern or Classical Language

Complete two consecutive terms (at least six credit hours) of a non-English language.

Elective Hours

A sufficient number of credit hours to bring the total number of hours to 128, of which 39 must be upper-level.


For more information on the History major, or any history course, contact:

Matthew Bloom, Ph.D.
Director, History Major

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