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Multidisciplinary Degree Requirements

Students who major in Multidisciplinary Studies will choose from two programmatic block areas, as well as complete the following requirements.


Core Curriculum: 56-58 semester hours of courses in English, Fine Arts, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Kinesiology, Social/Behavioral Sciences, Communication, Foreign Language, Religion, Classics/Humanities, and Leadership. 



3 hours from one of the following courses:

ENG 2301 World Literature: Classicism

HIS 2321 Western Civilization to 1715

HIS 2322 Western Civilization from 1715

HIS 3308 Asian History and Culture

HIS 3301 History of Mexico

HIS 3314 Traditions/Values of Classical Civilizations

HON 2311 Critical Thinking about Great Texts

PHL 3301 Survey of Western Philosophy


Modern Language

Complete two consecutive terms (at least six credit hours) of a non- English language


Students must successfully complete the following:

Supporting Courses (11 hours)

MDS 4201 Multidisciplinary Capstone Course


Plus 9 hours (3-4 courses) from the following list:

ENG 2301 Survey of Classicism

ENG 3311 Advanced Writing

HIS 2321 Western Civilization to 1715

HIS 2322 Western Civilization from 1715

MUS 2350 Introduction to World Music and Culture + 1 Fine Art credit (e.g., MUS 11xx, applied music lesson)

PHL 3301 Survey of Western Philosophy

POLS 1303 American Government & Citizenship

REL 3333 Introduction to Christian Ethics

REL 3381 Major World Religions

SOC 1301 Introduction to Sociology

SOC/HIS 2306 Race and Ethnic Relations


Elective Hours: A sufficient number of credit hours to bring the total number of hours to 128 of which 39 must be upper-level.


It is highly recommended that students seek assistance from their Academic Advisor well in advance of registration each semester to create/revise their personal plan for their unique multidisciplinary goals.


ALL students are required to complete the following general graduation requirements during their Junior or Senior terms:


Valid completion of the Collegiate Assessment of Academic Proficiency (CAAP) exam (offered each long semester through Concordia).

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