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Computer Competency Exam

Essentials that you need to know about taking the Concordia University Computer Competency Exam 

Please read this page carefully. You are responsible to follow all of the instructions below in order to successfully complete the exam.

All traditional students entering Concordia prior to Fall 2013 are required to either pass the Introduction to Personal Computing course, transfer in an equivalent course, or pass the Computer Competency Exam. If you entered Concordia in Fall of 2013 or later, you are not eligible to take this exam and, if taken in error, it will not count.


  • The first step required of you is to send an email using your Concordia student email account ( to In the Subject  line type: Request to Enroll in Computer Competency Exam. This email will let the College of Science know that you are ready to begin your exam. Once your email is received, the College of Science administration will enroll you in the course so you can take the exam in Blackboard. This process may take a day or two.
  • Your next step is to log on to Blackboard where you will find the exam in the "My Courses" section. Instructions for logging in to Blackboard can be found on the Helpdesk page at
  • The exam consists of several timed sections that will provide you with the opportunity to demonstrate your proficiency in each of the following areas: computer basics, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, MyInfo (Concordia's student information system) and Blackboard (Concordia's learning management system).
  • Do not start a section until you feel you are prepared to complete it because you are required to finish each assignment within a predetermined amount of time in order to pass it. The instructions for each section of the exam are outlined in Blackboard and you will be aware of how much time you have to complete it before you begin. Once you complete a section, you will save your answer and click Submit for grading.
  • Once you have completed the entire exam (all sections), then you will send an email using your student email account to the College of Science (the email address above) that informs them that you have completed all of the sections. If you do not pass all of the sections, you will be informed of what sections you need to retake.
  • When you have passed the entire exam, the Registrar will be notified that you have completed all the requirements for credit for the Computer Competency Exam.
  • If you have any questions please call Dr. Schielke in the College of Science at 512.313.5524.
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