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Nursing Degree Requirements

Admissions Counselor
Bianca Buscemi
11400 Concordia University Drive
Building A, Admissions
Austin, TX 78726
Office: 512.313.4608                                Cell: 512-817-4464                                 Fax 512-531-7542

Thank you for your interest in our Pre-Nursing Program and School of Nursing. To schedule your personal tour of our beautiful campus, or for more information about the program, please contact Bianca Buscemi in our Admissions Department.

Admission to the Concordia University Texas School of Nursing is highly competitive. While pre-nursing students who take most of the nursing prerequisite courses at Concordia (or at a college/university in the Concordia University System) are given preference, they still must meet the minimum overall GPA and natural science GPA required for admission into the School of Nursing.


The baccalaureate program in nursing at Concordia University Texas is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing education


Concordia's School of Nursing is approved by the Texas Board of Nursing. Graduates are eligible to appy for licensure as a Registered Nurse (RN) in Texas after passing the NCLEX-RN examination.

Admissions Information

For admissions information, including requirements, processes, admissions counselor and application deadlines, please visit the School of Nursing Admissions Requirements page.

Course Information

The pre-nursing sequence consists of required courses in the sciences and humanities that provide students a solid foundation for the art and science of caring for others. Within one semester of completing the pre-nursing sequence, students apply for admission to the professional nursing sequence in the School of Nursing. 

The School of Nursing has two distinct parts: The Pre-Nursing sequence of courses is taken the freshman and sophomore years; midway through your sophomore year, you may apply for the BSN professional sequence of courses, which is taken during your junior and senior years.



Sample 4 Semester Course Schedule


A sample schedule for PRE-NURSING students is listed below.  Many of the courses have prerequisites.  The courses that do not have prerequisites can be interchanged between the semesters.


Semester 1 Hours Semester 2 Hours
ENG 1316 Academic Research & Writing 3 MTH 2301 Intro to Statistics 3
LDR 1100 Life and Leadership 1 COM 1300 Fund. of Comm. 3
CHEM 1341 Chemistry I/lab 1141 4 Fine Arts (any art or music courses to equal 3 hrs 3
PSY 1311 Intro to Psychology 3 BIO 1403 Cellular & Molecular Biology 4
REL 1301 New Testament 3 CHEM 1202 Intro to Organic and Bio Chemistry 2
    HIS 1301 US History or HIS 1302C US History 3
Total Hours 14 Total Hours 18


Semester 3 Hours Semester 4 Hours
BIO 3411 Anatomy & Phys I 4 BIO 3412 Anatomy & PHYS II 4
BIO 3401 General Microbiology 4 BIO 3310 Nutrition 3
PSY 2301 Life Span Dev. 3 ENG 1317 Introduction to Literature 3
POLS 1303 Government 3 SPN 2301 Medical Spanish for Healthcare Prof. 3
REL 1311 Old Testament 3 LDR 2201 Leadership Theory and Practice 2
Total Hours 17 Total Hours 15




First Semester Junior Year (J1) Starts Fall 2014 Hours Second Semester Junior Year Starts Spring 2015 Hours
NUR 3220 Adult Health Nursing I Simulation 2 NUR 3585 Adult Health Theory II 5
NUR 3535 Adult Health I Theory 5 NUR 3586 Adult Health II Practicum 5
NUR 3536 Adult Health Nursing I Practicum 5 NUR 3265 Adult Health II Simulation 2
NUR 3430 Foundations of Prof. Nursing Practice 4 NUR 3303 Cultural Diversity and Global Health Missions 3
NUR 3250 Pharmacology for Nurses I 2 NUR 3006 Global Health Mission Trip (required for graduation)  
    NUR 3251 Pharmacology for Nurses II 2
Total Semester Hours 18   17


First Semester Senior Year Starts Fall 2015 Hours Second Semester Senior Year Starts Spring 2015 Hours
NUR 4320 Maternal / Newborn Theory 3 NUR 4360 Community & Global Health Theory 3
NUR 4221 Maternal / Newborn Practicum 2 NUR 4260 Community & Global Health Practicum 2
NUR 4105 Maternal / Newborn Simulation 1 NUR 4355 Health Care Systems Transformation & Leadership 3
NUR 4330 Child & Family Theory 3 NUR 4370 Capstone Simulation & Practicum 3
NUR 4231 Child & Family Practicum 2 NUR 4195 NCLEX Review 1
NUR 4110 Child & Family Simulation 1 NUR 4284 Adult Health III 2
NUR 4340 Behavioral Health Theory 3 NUR 4310 Nursing Research 3
NUR 4241 Behavioral Health Practicum 2    
Total Semester Hours 17   17

See the Nursing Student Handbook PDF

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