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Prospective Nursing Students

Students Beginning Pre-Nursing Courses

A minimum natural science GPA of 3.0 and overall GPA of 3.0 is a requirement for admissions to the Nursing program.

Advising of Concordia Pre-Nursing Students

Concordia pre-nursing students are advised by selected faculty of the College of Science. Pre-nursing students should contact the Office of the Dean of the College of Science to receive their Academic Advisor assignment. Once students have been assigned an Academic Advisor, they should make an appointment for advising with their assigned Advisor each semester prior to enrolling in nursing prerequisite courses. Pre-nursing students are invited to group meetings with the College of Science Pre-Nursing Academic Advisors several times each semester for general information sharing.

Advising of Transfer Pre-Nursing Students

Students who transfer to Concordia as pre-nursing students are advised by a designated staff member of the Admissions Office. Transfer pre-nursing students should contact the Office of Admissions to set up a meeting with the Nursing Transfer Advisor. Once a student has been enrolled at Concordia for a semester, advising for subsequent semesters is done by an Academic Advisor who is a faculty member in the College of Science.

Pre-Nursing Students in the Process of Applying for Admission into the Nursing Program

Once a student is in the final semester of nursing prerequisite courses, s/he is ready to apply for admission into the nursing program. If the student transfers to Concordia from another college or university and is in the final semester of prerequistie coursework (as determined by their Concordia admissions counselor), they may apply online. Likewise, if the student is already enrolled at Concordia and has been cleared by their academic advisor as ready to apply for the nursing program, they may do so. Once the application has begun, the nursing program is able to provide academic advising.

Nursing Program Application

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