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Pre-Healthcare Speaker Series

Pre-Healthcare Speaker Series

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Check out the College of Science's Biology Speaker Series.




2/3/15 Ms. Dottie Simon, RN, PN/FCN

"Health and Wellness Ministries in the Parish"




11/4/14 Mr. Andy R. Gonzales, Executive Director, New Century Hospice of Austin

"Hospice Care"


10/2/14 Bob Beare, MA, LPC

"Creative Mindfulness" Flyer (PDF)


2/4/14 Paul Kloppe, RRT, AE-C, CCE, CTI, GlaxoSmithKline

"Respiratory Care, A Therapist or a Technician?"



12/3/13 Valerie Shurley, Registered and Licensed Dietician

"It's More Than Fruits and Vegetables"

Clinical Nutrition Manager with Sodexo


11/5/13 Hugh Brown, CEO of St. David's Georgetown Hospital

"Why Healthcare Reform is Making Careers
in the Healthcare Industry Even BETTER!"

Ranked one of the 56 "Safest Hospitals in America" by AARP magazine


10/3/13 Dr. Wayne B. Sorensen, Professor, Director, CTX Healthcare Admin.

Introduction to the Healthcare Professions in America


4/13 Dr. Richard H. Finnell, Dept. of Nutritional Sciences and Biochemistry at UT Austin

"Embryonic Consequences of Abnormal Folate Transport"


3/13 Dr. Virginia Harrod, Chief of Neuro-oncology and Survivorship Services at Dell Children's Hospital

"Neurobiology and Pediatric Oncology"


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