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Admissions Team

Alyssa Arcaya

Alyssa Arcaya
Assistant Director of Freshman Admissions | 512-313-4604

Hello!  My name is Alyssa Arcaya and I work with out-of-state high school students.  I am originally from Illinois and graduated from a Christian liberal arts university with a double major in Religion and Spanish and recently started my MBA here at Concordia.  I look forward to getting to know you and helping you through the admissions process.  Feel free to stop by campus any time so we can chat in person.


Angie Beasley
Admissions Processor and DSO | 512-313-4605


Bianca Buscemi
Admissions Counselor I Transfer | 512-313-4608

I have been fortunate to find my home away from home at Concordia. I am a recent Florida transplant with a passion for serving students and I  look forward to helping you find your home away from home at Concordia. I love coming to Concordia every day, it probably helps that we are located on a huge nature preserve, but the community of caring Concordia has truly seals the deal.  I work specifically with transfer students interested in Pre-Nursing, Nursing, and all College of Education programs. I look forward to working with you!


Brittany Leiva
Student Experience Specialist | 512-313-4632

Brooke Joeckel
Director of Adult, Online & Graduate Admissions | 512-313-4118

Candice Hill

Candice Hill

Director of Undergraduate Admissions | 512-313-4603

Being an alumna of Concordia (’08) and joining the Admissions Team in 2012, I love serving students and helping them find their place in our Concordia family.  I am passionate about our mission of developing Christian leaders and our commitment to student success.  I look forward to meeting you.  Feel free to reach out to me anytime; I am here to help!

 Chrysta image

Chrysta Grebing
Freshman Admissions Counselor | 512-313-4619

My name is Chrysta Grebing, and I am a freshman admissions counselor at Concordia University Texas. My territory for CTX is Dallas, San Antonio, and local regions. I was born and raised in the Midwest and have had six different addresses in my past ten years of life. It’s no wonder that I love adventure and new experiences. I cannot wait to connect with you and share some of my favorites places to explore and yummy food to devour in the Austin area.


Cindy Villanueva
Director of Business Partnerships | 512-313-5011 

After graduating with my Concordia MBA, I knew I wanted to teach here. And after working as an adjunct professor for two years, I knew I wanted to work here. Concordia is a fantastic place where we really do find a way to coalesce faithful devotion, academic rigor, and fun! Whether I’m meeting with a CEO to discuss a partnership or teaching business ethics to a classroom full of bright minds, Concordia is where I know I’m called to be.

Jennifer Storm

Jennifer Storm
Admissions Processing Manager | 512-313-4676

Jessica Barnett

Jessica Craig
Assistant Director of Graduate Admissions | 512-313-4620

If you were to ask me to name my favorite thing about Concordia, I would tell you about the community. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the MBA program and am proud to call myself an alumna and member of our Admissions Team. Working with the transfer and adult population has been a great experience. My goal is to make your admission experience as smooth as possible, so please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Kristin Coulter

Kristin Coulter
Associate VP of Admissions | 512-313-4607

Lisa Maher

Lisa Maher, M.Ed
MBA Admissions Counselor | 512-313-4613

As a life-long learner, working on a university campus is really great. But what’s even better is helping others realize that getting a graduate degree is something they can achieve. I speak with people every day who are considering going back to school because they want to start a business, get a promotion, open doors to upper management, or learn new ways of thinking and doing things. While I earned my master’s degree from Concordia (’10), I was supported by a team of people dedicated to my academic success. Today, I am part of that team!

 Maggie Loar  

Maggie Loar
Freshman Admissions Counselor | 512-313-4618

My name is Maggie Loar, and I am your Admissions Counselor here at Concordia. I am so pleased that you are considering Concordia as your choice of study. I have lived in Austin for 5 years and absolutely love it; I know you will too! My territories include central Texas, Houston & Galveston, and west Texas. I can’t wait to meet you and help you through the process!

Robert Courtney

Robert Courtney
Athletic Recruiter | 512-313-4638

My name is Robert Courtney and I am the Athletic Recruiter. My job is to help recruited athletes and their families through the admissions process. I graduated from Concordia in 2013 and double majored in Biology and Environmental science. I look forward to working with you and helping you on your way to becoming a Tornado!!

 Sean Richards image

Sean Richards
Freshman Admissions Counselor | 512-313-4623

It’s impossible to tell my story without Concordia being a part of it. As a student, it was very much a second chance and a blessing. As an alumnus its home. My hope is that it can be a similar experience for you. So, if you ever need anything, please don’t hesitate to reach out whether by phone, email, text, carrier pigeon, etc.; I’m here to help. I’m looking forward to connecting and bringing you into the Concordia family!


Shane Montoya
Assistant Director of Transfer Admissions | 512-313-4636

I had the pleasure of graduating from the Concordia MBA program in 2014. Shortly before I graduated, I was offered the opportunity to join the Concordia Admissions Team. I am now able to fulfill my passion of working in higher education by serving students every day. I value the opportunity to help others find their vocation and honor Concordia’s mission of developing Christian leaders!


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