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International MBA Admission

The International Application Deadline for Spring 2017 has passed.

The International Application Deadline for Fall 2018 is June 1, 2018.

Concordia University Texas welcomes applications from international graduate students. We look forward to having you join our vibrant student community in Austin, Texas. We are excited that you would like to attend Concordia, and would like to give you more information about the application process below. 

Am I an International Student?

An international student is an applicant who does not hold United States citizenship or lawful permanent residency and requires an F-1 visa to engage in academic studies in the United States. Please follow the International Students Application process outlined below.

A non-US citizen or non-permanent resident who would like to attend Concordia University Texas, but does not need an F-1 visa due to having other legal documents allowing them to live, work, and/or attend school in the U.S. would follow the English Proficiency process outlined below.  

International Student Application Process

For an international student (non-US citizen, non-Permanent Residents) to be considered for admission, the following documents and data must submitted to the Office of Admissions Processing:

  • Complete the International Student Application
  • A non-refundable application fee of $50.00
  • An official transcript from your degree granting institution is required. If you did not attend college in the US, an official WES evaluation of all secondary and/or post-secondary work completed outside of the United States is required. For all college level work, you must submit a Course-by-Course Evaluation. We do not accept evaluations from any other evaluation agencies other than WES.
  • Results of the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), the Pearson Language Test, OR the International English Language Testing System (IELTS).
  • Written proof of financial support, including return travel for one school in year in the United States. 

Admission Requirements for International Students

Upon completion of the above items, the student's application will be processed. Admission criteria include:

  • Demonstrate English proficiency. See the English Proficiency guidelines.
  • The US equivalent of a high school diploma with a grade point average of at least 2.5 on a 4.0 scale for students entering as first-time freshmen.
  • Equivalent US Grade Point Average based on graduate program requirements.
  • If the student qualifies for admission, a nonrefundable deposit of $275 must be made prior to registration for classes. Upon receipt of this deposit, the University will issue an I-20.  Concordia's I-20 Designated School Official (DSO) is Maggie Loar.  Please e-mail or call her at 512-313-4618 with any questions regarding the I-20.

The Admissions Office must receive all required admissions material by June 1 for the Fall Semester, February 1 for Summer Semester, and November 1 for the Spring Semester.

English Proficiency

International applicants or graduate students that have a degree from a foreign institution are required to follow the English Proficiency Policy, regardless of level or citizenship. They must demonstrate English competency in one of the following ways:

  1. Citizenship in an English speaking country other than the United States [Australia, New Zealand, the British Virgin Islands, Jamaica, United Kingdom, Ireland, Antigua, Northern Ireland, Philippines, Scotland, South Africa, St. Lucia, Wales, Bahamas, Barbados, Nigeria, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Namibia, Tanzania, Uganda, the Fiji Islands, Sierre Leone, Gambia, Liberia, Switzerland, Holland and Canada, excluding French-speaking Quebec.
  2. Completion of a bachelor's degree in the United States
  3. Minimum TOEFL-Internet-Based (IBT) cumulative score of 80 and a minimum score of 26 on the speaking section. The Pearson Language Test may be used as an alternative to the TOEFL and requires a minimum score of 64. The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is another alternative and requires a minimum score of 6.5.

Applicants who do not meet one of these standards of proficiency may appeal to the Enrollment Committee for consideration. These applicants may be asked to provide additional documentation. Please contact the campus DSO, Maggie Loar, should you have any questions: Maggie Loar

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