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Program Prerequisites

All non-business undergraduate students are REQUIRED to successfully complete the Math and Statistics Assessment course, unless these courses are shown as successfully completed on an official transcript. Other courses (Accounting, Finance and Economics) may also be required if no former coursework in these areas has been done previously.

For conditionally accepted students who are required to take IVY Courses prior to full admittance, you must purchase and complete the modules required by the committee, and submit your final assessment scores before you will be fully admitted to the program.

To Order Ivy Course Modules:

  1. Visit and click on GRADUATE SOFTWARE in the navigation menu on the left side of your screen
  2. Click on the "sub-category" of MBA PROGRAMS
  3. Choose Concordia University from the list
  4. Purchase the course(s) required by the graduate admissions committee for your full admittance to the program
  5. Complete the module and corresponding final assessment. To access the final assessment go to:
    1. and click on STUDENTS on the left side of your screen
    2. Click on “Login to Take a Test”
    3. Enter your first and last name
    4. Scroll down and choose the final for the module you completed (Note: Select the final not the assessment
    5. Enter the correct password:
      Economics - 642247
      Math and Statistics Concepts – 522247
      Accounting – 782247
      Finance - 472247
    6. Following the final, print or save your results page with your final test score. The results page and final test score should be emailed to your Admissions Counselor or to (Note: Scores are not sent to Concordia automatically)

The IVY Courses and Assessments are not classroom-based courses, nor do they count toward degree hours. They are delivered through a combination of printed material and computer material. You access the material at your own pace and convenience. Each course consists of a series of pretests, problems, and a final exercise. Each course requires a fifteen or twenty hour investment of time, including reading and computer time.

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