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Manny is now the Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at his company

Manny Alarcon 14

For CTX alumnus Manny Alarcon, the road to graduation was a winding one, beginning in 2005 and concluding in 2014. He credits his perseverance, in part, to Concordia's supportive and encouraging faculty and staff, who helped him stay the course through to the completion of his degree. Manny found that his education especially the helpful and practical upper level courses helped him to understand the business world in a new and ultimately better light. His degree also helped him to ascend the ranks of his company, of which he is now Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

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Deanna Doering 15

Deanna wanted a small college experience in which she could feel free to ask questions and develop a tight-knit community. She loved being able to have one-on-one conversations with her professors so that she was able to thoroughly understand her nursing courses. She credits CTX with giving her confidence and challenging her to strive to do the very best in all she does. Now Deanna is a full time registered nurse on the orthopedic and trauma floor of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center in Altoona, PA, and works as a volunteer firefighter at Alpha Fire Company in State College, PA!

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Deanna is a full-time registered nurse
Katie Evans loves to serve people and continues to serve after graduation

Katie Evans 13

Katie knew she wanted to help people, so it was very important that her chosen university did, too. At Concordia, Katie got her first taste of serving people in true need, and once she did, she found that she never wanted to stop. While at CTX, she served as a Service-Learning Student Leader and helped to organize fundraising for the creation of wells in water-starved places in Africa. After graduation, she helped her church begin a free daycare center for young, single mothers so that they could finish their high school education without interruption.

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