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January 2018

To my fellow Concordians…

I think symmetry is good.  I like order.  Neat, clean lines; beginnings and endings.  Yet life is not always that way, is it? 

As much as I appreciate the turning of a page (in this case a calendar year) with all of its opportunities to leave the past behind and embrace new opportunities, I’m also very grateful for relationships that grow over time and supersede the calendar.

Our living alumni base is relatively small, though we have grown significantly in the past 10 to 15 years.  At Fall Commencement, our speaker was Dr. Robert Wilken, a Concordia alum from the high school days five decades removed, and perhaps the foremost authority in the area of Patristics (writings of early church fathers) in America.  It was meaningful to hear a graduate from our high school address the class of 2017.  Also, we had some noteworthy folks who became “double grads,” earning master’s degrees in Business or Education after having achieved bachelor’s degrees some years before.

It was so interesting to spend time in the car with Dr. Wilken, hearing about his days at Concordia, his long friendship with Richard John Neuhaus (another renowned Concordia alum) and his experiences at the University of Virginia and now living in retirement in Washington, D.C.  I’m reminded again of the privilege of sitting with you from time to time, perhaps sharing a meal or coffee and hearing your personal stories.

Concordia University is hosting the 2nd Annual Concordia Crossing in just under two months.  On March 2-4, there will be a full slate of activities here in Austin for your nostalgic pleasure.  We’ll celebrate the decade of the 1980s at Scholz’ Garten, a popular hang-out for our students in those days.  The class of 1968 will come together to honor and celebrate a fifty-year milestone with a dinner on March 2.  We’ll add the classes of 2008 and 1993 to the mix on Saturday morning, as they celebrate 10 and 25 years, respectively.  Lord willing, we’ll be welcoming our beloved faculty emeriti and past Presidents back to campus that weekend as well, to catch up with our former students.  Saturday evening will bring “Celebrate Concordia,” a special event to show love and appreciation for several women and men who’ve made our experience so valuable through the years. The full schedule can be found at 

Later this year, we’re taking a trip!  Encouraged by a graduate at Collette travel, Concordia is promoting a trip to Germany in October of this year.  “Discover the Trail of Martin Luther” takes us through the land of the Great Reformer, including stops in Mainz, Erfurt, Dresden, Wittenberg and Berlin.  This looks to be 10 days of travel, including guided tours and also time for self-exploration.  You can learn more, and ask questions, during a session led by Collette Travel at Concordia Crossing on March 3.  To read more online, visit

That’s it for this month.  Thanks for reading, for caring, for remembering.  Hope to see you again soon….

Director of Alumni Relations
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