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November 2017

Dear Friends,

Grace and peace to you.  As we enter the season of Thanksgiving, I thought it appropriate to give thanks for the meaningful work that our graduates are doing in the world.  Following is a brief description from Abi Boeck, in her words….

“I applied to Peace Corps during my last semester of a Biology degree at Concordia Texas, looking for an opportunity to work in low-resource, high-demand healthcare before going to medical school. I’ve been in Mozambique for a year now, working at a health center and primary school in Chimoio, the provincial capital of Manica Province. In that year I’ve learned Portuguese, met loads of loving and generous people, and made myself at home here.

The work I do is in the areas of HIV treatment and prevention, malaria treatment and prevention, and care for orphans and vulnerable children. In the hospital, I work in HIV patient record administration and HIV case management. That means I work on a team to make sure HIV positive people in our community are in a healthy situation holistically to get on and stay on treatment.  At the school, I work with groups of 6th and 7th graders to encourage healthy behaviors and HIV prevention. The school is an orphan center as well, so Saturday mornings we play, have snacks, do literacy activities, and hear health talks from community activists.

Mozambique has taught me to slow down, to listen well, and to empathize without falling into the temptation to pity. It has shown me how history produces race relations, and how much deeper our common humanity runs than our skin colors. It has encouraged me to study harder, to love more freely, and to stand up with more boldness for the dignity and equity of all people. These lessons have come from Mozambicans who’ve sat with me for hours and hours, answering all my questions and asking their own. They’ve welcomed me into their lives, and I, in turn, have knit them into my own.”

Abigail Boeck

B.S. Biology, Winter Class of 2015

Thank you Abi for the life-saving and preserving work you help to do so far from your home of Portage, WI.  To me, you embody the mission and vision of Concordia.

Director of Alumni Relations
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