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Concordia expands program offerings for spring '14

in communication, psychology and sports administration

Article written by on Nov. 03, 2013

Beginning in January 2014, Concordia University Texas will begin offering a new Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology, and it will launch a Master of Education in Sports Administration program. Additionally, Concordia University Texas will begin offering its current Bachelor of Arts communication degree through the university’s accelerated degree format.

“Concordia’s faculty monitor the interest of students and the demand of the regional markets in exploring new programs to offer each year,” Alan Runge, Provost for Concordia University Texas, said.  “The addition of an undergraduate psychology major and a graduate program in sports administration respond to such demand while also building upon the proven strengths and expertise of Concordia in these areas. Expanding the delivery methods of existing programs is another strategy for meeting demands, such as in the addition of the undergraduate communication major to our Accelerated Degree Program to meet the needs of working adult students who may not be able to meet their educational needs through traditional formats.”

To learn more about these programs, please visit the stories below:

Bachelor of Arts in psychology

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Bachelor of Arts in communication


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