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CTX School of Nursing receives grant for

simulation training

Article written by on Jan. 13, 2014

Concordia University Texas recently was recently awarded a $39,000 grant by the Renfert Foundation, housed under the Austin Community, for the purchase of a mobile simulation manikin to be used for in-classroom training. Instead of students learning theory in the classroom and then waiting several days to visit the off-site simulation lab for hands-on training, the “SimMan” will allow classroom sessions that integrate simulation directly into learning – with immediate practice and debriefing.

“This is an enhanced opportunity for our students,” said Loren Riemer, director of foundation relations for CTX, who submitted the grant proposal to the Austin Community Foundation. “This technology is not currently being used directly in the classroom process in any area nursing program. Our students will get to learn theoretically, then immediately practice learned techniques in simulation without waiting days for time in the off-site simulation lab.”

Implementation of the in-classroom mobile SimMan technology is planned for the spring 2014 semester.

“It’s exciting for our students,” said CTX director of Nursing, Dr. Kathy Lauchner. “This is a unique opportunity that allows our students to translate theory into practice concurrently.”


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