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CTX Community Raised Money to Complete 7th Well

Jubilee Campaign is happening now to fund #8

Article written by on Mar. 24, 2014

Five years ago, Water to Thrive (W2T) set out to bring change and provide clean water to those who need it most – Concordia University Texas (CTX) wanted to help. CTX Service-Learning is helping W2T change thousands of lives, one well at a time. Recently, students, faculty, staff and alumni raised enough money for W2T to build and complete a seventh well in Ethiopia. This new well provides clean and safe water to more than 250 people.

“Thanks to [Concordia’s] generosity, this community no longer has to face the fear of illness and death from dirty water,” Michael O’Keefe, program manager at Water to Thrive, said. “Children can now conveniently collect clean water on the way to school and do not have to miss class to help gather water. Thanks to you and your efforts, this well will be a lasting source of health, productivity and prosperity.”

CTX Service-Learning has partnered with Water to Thrive for approximately five years, building seven full wells and raising additional money to fund an 8th well. These wells are changing more than 3,000 lives in Ethiopia. They still need help. This year, Service-Learning will be raising funds as part of a “Jubilee Campaign,” to complete funding for the eighth well – it takes approximately $5,000 to fund one clean water well in Ethiopia. This campaign is being held in conjunction with W2T’s efforts to fund 50 wells to celebrate their 5th anniversary.


Mark your calendars:

  • March 21 – April 4 – The “Jubilee Campaign”- during this week, Service-Learning leaders will host a progressive silent auction, as well as auction additional items throughout the week. 
  • April 3 – the cafeteria will be featuring Ethiopian dishes.
  • April 15 – starting at 6 a.m. through noon on April 16, there will be an opportunity to participate with others in a 30-hour famine. During the fast, Service-Learning will organize times for guided spiritual reflection, and donations from this event will support the well campaign.


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