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Inclement Weather Alert

Individuals on main campus advised to use caution when traveling

Article written by on Jun. 12, 2014

10:45PM THURSDAY, JUNE 12th - 

All imminent danger appears to have passed. Dangerous winds, storms and lightning are still in the main campus area. Shelter in place is no longer a necessity, and using caution is still strongly advised when moving about outdoors by foot or vehicle.


10:35PM THURSDAY, JUNE 12th -

Tornado warnings on and around campus have  expired, but continous lightning stirkes still pose a danger. Personnel & students on campus are still advised to shelter in place. Stay indoors and away from windows.

University officials are monitoring the weather situation and deploying personnel on campus to help manage inclement weather plans if needed.

If you do not need to travel to/from campus, do not do so at this time.

Please check back often for updates.

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