Curriculum & Instruction

Builds intellectual and instructional skills and understanding of technological applications, making it appropriate for those teaching in a particular content area. (Available on- and off-campus.) A thesis is required.

Graduate students selecting this specialization:

  • Acquire certain knowledge & skills; develop an emerging belief system.
  • Grow as effective teachers and educational leaders.
  • Build upon their experiences and cognitive backgrounds.
  • Enhance intellectual and instructional skills.
  • Advance technological applications.
  • Appreciate the role of instructional leaders in diverse educational and professional settings.


Core Courses 18 Credit Hours

MED 5300 Introduction to the Educational Process
(on-campus only; may be waived)

MED 5301 Teacher Effectiveness and Communication Techniques

MED 5302 Learning Theory and Instructional Design

MED 5303 Curriculum Design and Practice

MED 5304 The Teacher as Instructional Leader

MED 5305 The Classroom Teacher as Researcher

MED 5306 Ethics and the Teacher in Society

MED 5307 Educational Internship
(on-campus only; may be waived)


Specialization: Curriculum & Instruction 18 Credit Hours

CAI 5321 Models of Teaching

CAI 5322 Legal Foundations of Education

CAI 5323 Evaluation and Assessment in Education

CAI 5328 Historical & Philosophical Foundations of Education

CAI 5329 Thesis Proposal & Defense

CAI 5326 Master’s Thesis in Curriculum & Instruction


CAI 5327 Independent Study in Curriculum & Instruction
(on-campus only; prior approval required)

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