Mail Forwarding

Please fill out the survey form to update your forwarding address

What happens to your mail over the summer break:

If you go home for the summer and you will be returning to Concordia University Texas in the fall, Support Services will only forward your mail to you over the summer if you are a full-time employee and you have been asked to temporarily work from home. Additionally, you can keep the key for your campus mailbox for the summer if you are returning. Please fill out the information for mail forwarding to take advantage of the forwarding service. If you do not give us your information, all your mail will be held for you on campus over the summer.


What happens to your mail when you stop working for the university:

When employees permanently leave Concordia University Texas, their mail will be redirected to the appropriate university employee. Support Services will not forward mail to you if you stop working for the university. Please do not fill out forwarding information if you stop working for the university, as we will not be able to send mail to you.

Support Services • Concordia University Texas • Phone 512.313.4441 • Fax 512.313.3999


The mission of the Department of Support Services is to augment and support the ministry and operations of Concordia University Texas through printing, copying, mail, and customer services.

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