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Biology ClubClubs and Organizations are an important part of student life at Concordia University Texas and play a large role in campus programming and events. Students interested in starting a group are encouraged to contact Student Services via email at for more information on how to get started. Photo: CTX Biology Club and CTX Pre-Med Club at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas, TX

Quick Steps to Recognition:

  1. Application for Recognition (PDF)
  2. Registration Form and Roster (PDF)
  3. Constitution or Bylaws - Every student organization must have an accurate constitution and/or bylaws on file with the Office of Student Life.
  4. Advisor Agreement (PDF)



The policies and procedures governing student clubs and organizations can be found in the Student Organizations Handbook (PDF) published each year by the Office of Student Services. All clubs must read and be familiar with its terms and policies.


Note: Outside businesses or organizations who wish to connect with these groups should contact the Office of Student Life rather than contacting the group directly.

Student Government and Leadership Association - SGLA
President: Dale Lynn, Vice-President: Hong Vo


Our purpose is to encourage responsible decision-making skills through interactive programs and general education for the campus and community. Contact Emerald Allen at

Anime Club

Contact Matthew Buchanan at for more information.

Asian Culture Club

Our mission as Asian Culture Club is to provide an accepting and safe living environment for students at Concordia University Texas. We aim to do so by connecting current students, building friendships, and encourage social forum for those who share and/or are interested in Asian cultures. We will explore and provide insight into the diverse nature of our student body and the diverse nature of Austin, Texas as a whole. Contact Hong Vo at for more information.

Behavioral Sciences Club

The purpose of this organization will be to provide people with an interest in Behavioral Sciences an opportunity to discuss related topics, learn of career opportunities, and become acquainted with the Behavioral Sciences community. Contact Amanda Hughes at for more information.

Biology Club

The mission of Biology Club is to promote academics in the biological sciences while developing a suitable environment for students to converse and express interest in the vast field of biology.  Students become acquainted with the field and its related careers through an array of activities and community work.  In doing so, students become further aware of their disciplines in the biological sciences. Contact Kelly Le at for more information.

Black Student Union

Contact Xzavier Beacham at for more information.

CTX Career Club 

It is the CTX Career Club’s purpose to provide CTX students with opportunities for enhancing their future career options and supplementing education with real world applicability. The Avenues to achieve this purpose include but are not limited to mentor programs, internship fairs, corporate sponsor programs, seminars, workshops and community service.The club is in place with the intention of supplementing the career services provided by Concordia and to further the value of a degree from the university. Contact Colin Allison at for more imformation.

CTX Chi Alpha

CTX Chi Alpha is a Christian based student organization at Concordia University. We seek to know God, love people, and change the world by ministering to international students on our campus. Contact Carlos Simental at for more information.

CTX Christian Brothers

Christian Brothers provides a society for any Christian male at CTX to grow in faith through fellowship. The three main points that Christian Brothers strive for are UP, IN and OUT.  UP focuses on our relationship with Christ, this stands first and foremost. IN represents our relationship with our fellow brothers. OUT embodies our relationship with the community around us. Ultimately Christian Brothers will empower the young men of CTX to be Christian leaders in the world we live in through a greater understanding of Christ, a strong, well-connected brotherhood, a dedication to servant leadership, a community-focused outlook, and a call to live lives of honor and integrity. Contact Caleb Heine at

Communication Club

The Communication Club exists to provide creative and practical networking opportunities for students interested in the broad amalgam of communication fields.  From journalistic endeavors like 'The Monthly Spin,' to the broadcasting reach of Tornado Radio, the Comm Club facilitates and promotes student interaction with professional fields on and off campus.  Not to mention, they're a pretty fun and classy bunch - and that's a fact. Contact Krista Hook at for more information.

Computer Science Club

Contact Logan Leger at

DCE Club 

Our mission is to prepare Christian Educators in a collaborative, field-based environment for leadership in equipping people of all ages for various church-related ministries. Contact Kayla Brock at or Emilie Finke at for more information. 

Education Club

The mission of the CTX Education Club is to promote the following in the lives of Education majors: service and outreach, fellowship with other members, and personal and professional growth. This club seeks to develop future educators in their knowledge and experience through various events and opportunities on campus and the surrounding communities. For more information contact Brooke Stade at

The Executives

The Executives is a student run business club that offers leadership development and opportunities. It is a great way to get involved and get prepared for the business world. In The Executives, we are building on one another for a better future. We do networking, executive lunches, school wide events, guest speakers, business activities, and movie/game nights. Our goal at The Executives is to increase each member’s knowledge of the business world and how they can land a great job upon graduation from Concordia University. Everything we do at The Executives goes back to our main goal of building on one another for a better future, a better future for each Executives member’s future business career, and a better future for Concordia University Texas. For more information contact Brandon Pederson at

The Gamer's Society

The mission of The Gamer’s Society (or TGS) is to help those with an interest in gaming connect, socialize, and learn how to use gaming to spread good will to others. Gaming, as we are defining it, covers both video games and more traditional, non-electronic games. One aspect of the spreading of good will is the application of gaming to Christian Ministry. For more information contact Christopher Reynolds at


Handbells is a musical group for people with all levels of musical experience.  We play both secular and sacred music using Concordia's four octave set of handbells.  For more information contact Susan Pacey at

Helping Hands

Through the saving grace of Jesus Christ, you are a daughter of God. You are beautiful and deeply loved by the Father of the universe. He has given you amazing gifts and personality traits that make you unique. These facts cannot be stressed enough. Thus, that is the mission of Helping Hands: to share Jesus’s love with the women of CTX. At our weekly Bible studies, we have awesome activities and snacks. We also host events like a Disney movie night, arts & crafts get together, and pool party. Weekly Bible studies are hosted on Thursdays at 8pm in the Third Floor Alcove of H1. Other events will be advertised across campus throughout the year. Contact Caitlin Markert at, Natalie Bahr at, or Bethany Heimann at

Honors Program

The goal of the Honors Committee is to encourage academic curiosity and creative scholarship while fostering the development of a powerful community of Christian leaders.  To that end, the Committee develops and enacts 'happenings' within the Honors Program, Concordia University Texas, and the wider community with the twofold goal of enriching students and improving relationships among individuals and groups in society. Contact Michael Vybiral at for more information.

Leaders of Christ - CTX 

The Ratio Christi- CTX club strengthens and encourages Christians in their faith, while answering questions anybody has about the Christian faith through meetings and activities. We meet on Thursdays at 7 pm in C228. Contact Hannah Billups at for more information.

CTX Mission Club

Student-run club at Concordia University Texas that is dedicated to following the Great Commission of Jesus and pursues opportunities to live missionally both globally and locally. Contact Pat Fick at for more information.

Pillars of Unity

Amongst constant change, our club strives to be a safe zone and a sanctuary. A support in the ventures  of college. Contact Nathan Baker at for more information. 

Pre-Med Club

Contact Sohamy Underwood at for more information.

Pre-Seminary Club

College is a pivotal part of the transition from adolescence to adulthood in the lives of many Americans. Many people make important life choices during these years, and peer interactions have the biggest impact on many people’s decisions. The mission of the Pre-Seminary club is helping each other grow spiritually and make positive life decisions. We will also simply enjoy Christian fellowship and food.As the name would suggest, our club will mostly be guys who are Pre-Seminary, but girls who are Pre-Seminary (Deaconess Program) are also encouraged to join. In addition, despite our name, we welcome anyone who wants to participate. Proverbs 27:17 “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” As followers of Christ, we realize that our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the spiritual forces of evil. As Christians, and especially as young men called to be ordained ministers, we face incredible spiritual assault. The last thing Satan wants is Pastors who allow God to direct them and serve others through Christ’s love. And that is what we aspire to be: followers of Christ who submit to His will for our lives. Not our will, but His will. Contact Michael Hinz at for more information!

Student Nurses Association

The Student Nurses Association serving Concordia University Texas is committed to promote fellowship, mentorship, and guidance among all nursing students. Contact Melanie Bruner at for more information.

Texas Master Naturalist

Our mission is to “To develop a corps of well-informed volunteers to provide education, outreach, and service dedicated to the beneficial management of natural resources and natural areas within their communities.”  Contact Jose Rivera at for more information!

Theatre Club

The mission of theatre club is to inspire students to participate in CTX theatre productions, local community theatre, and projects to bring story theatre to local schools-especially Lutheran.  In addition, we promote the growing theatre program at Concordia Texas, and encourage participation in classes for people of all majors to satisfy the need for something different.  In the spirit of these missions, we enjoy attending theatre productions both on and off campus, volunteering for CTX theatre productions, and in the, hopefully near, future we would like to put together story theatre productions for local schools.  Anyone who is interested in theatre in any way- on stage, back stage, or even sitting in the audience- is welcome; we would love to have you!  This is meant to be a laid-back group of people that like to have fun, but would also like to get things done.  Dr. Kelly Gordon, professor of theatre at Concordia Texas, is our advisor.  If you are interested in joining the theatre club, you can contact Dr. Gordon ( or Susan Pacey (

Torndeedles and Hooks
Our goal with “Torneedles and Hooks” is to bring knitters, seamstresses, tailors, quilters, and crocheters alike together to celebrate their common love for CTX and their individual craft. We wish to create a growing community where those who already have a craft they enjoy and those who wish to learn something new can enjoy themselves and share their lives with others. Our goal is to recreate this idea for men and women both on our wonderful campus. The excitement held concerning someone’s individual craft is contagious.Through our projects, our hope is to be a blessing to those we serve, to spread joy through our work, and to gain insight into each other’s lives and we share in our love for handmade crafts. Contact for more information!

Twister Dance Club

“A time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance” – Ecclesiastes 3:4

The mission of our dance club is to not only to advance in technique and skill, but to create a bond and form a family sharing a passion for dance. Not only is dancing enjoyable, but it is a huge stress reliever. Students can take a break and get their mind off stressful school and homework for an hour. We welcome any level of dancers- beginner and advanced. Even if you have never had any experience on the dance floor, we invite anyone at CTX to join! We will rotate through many different styles of dance- hip-hop, contemporary, hula, even ballroom! Our leaders are open to suggestions. From our understanding, there has been no dance team at Concordia, so let’s start this tradition together! All dancers should attend in comfortable clothing and tennis shoes. Contact one of our leaders or our sponsor by phone or email, or our Twitter account. Please come join us while we begin brand new chapter in Concordia University Texas! Contact Lauren Reyna at or Mikisa Harvey at     





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