(GALE CENGAGE Learning - INFOTRAC) 1977 - present

(EBSCO) 1865 - present

(Adam Matthew -Sage)

(Adam Matthew - Sage)

(EBSCO) Dates vary

(GALE CENGAGE Learning - INFOTRAC) 1980 - present

(TSHA) Most recent edition

(ProQuest) Most recent edition

(Victoria College/University of Houston-Victoria Library) 1986 - present

(JSTOR) Arts & Sciences II & III collections, Health & General Sciences collection. Dates vary*

(Salem Press)

(ProQuest) Dates vary

(ProQuest) 1851 - 2004

(ProQuest) Most recent edition

(EBSCO) Dates vary

(EBSCO) 1964 - present

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