Library Staff


Mikail McIntosh-Doty

Mikail McIntosh-Doty: MA, MLIS, MAR. Director of Library Services:  512.313.5051

Office Hours Spring 2015: Monday - Friday 8:30AM - 4:30PM


Marcus X. Fry 

Marcus X. Fry: MLIS. Assistant Library Director/Technical Services:  512.313.5052

Office Hours Spring 2015: Monday - Friday 9:30AM - 6:30PM


Angelica Delgado

Angelica Delgado: MSIS. Reference Librarian & Head of Public Services:  512.313.5054

Office Hours Spring 2015: M 10AM - 11PM; Tu 11:30AM - 4:30PM; W 9:30AM - 4:30PM; Fri 10AM - 5:30PM.


Colleen Hobbs

Colleen Hobbs: MA, PhD, MSIS. Digital Archives Specialist &  Information Desk Coordinator:  512.313.5053

Office Hours Spring 2015: M & W 8:15AM - 2:45PM; Fri 8:15AM - 2:15PM. 


Gwendolyn Sheldon: MA, PhD, MI. Technical Services Assistant: 512.313.5055

Office Hours Spring 2015: Tu & Th 2-7PM. 


Library Student Workers, Spring 2015

 Alberto Barrientos

Alberto Barrientos, Sophomore, Music Ministry major

 Payton Brown-Simon

Payton Brown-Simon, Junior, Business Administration major

  Becky Figueroa

Becky Figueroa, Senior, English major

  Seamus Gude

Seamus Gude, Senior, English major

  Brooke Helfers

Brooke Helfers, Junior, DCE major


Kelsey Hjornevik, Sophomore, Business major


Kelsey Janssen, Senior, Nursing major

  Courtney Jones

Courtney Jones, Sophomore, Biology major

  Emily Landis

Emily Landis, Senior, English major

  Justin Petty

Justin Petty, Junior, Math major


Julie Tomlinson, Senior, English major


Information Desk:  512.313.5050

Text:  512.981.7550

Fax:  512.313.2050

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