Service-Learning Leaders

Meet this year's Service-Learning Leaders!


Madilynn Russo

Administrative Coordinator


Jeff Tucker

On-Campus Involvement Coordinator


Kristen Kocsis

Big Events Coordinator


Abi Boeck

Justice, Advocacy, and Social Awareness Coordinator


Alison Beck

Communications Coordinator


Kyle McCall

Texas Juvenile Justice Department

Electronic Communications/Social Media


Want to be a leader?

Applications for 2015-2016 Service-Learning Leaders are now available! You can find the PDF version of this document by clicking HERE. Packets are also available on request by emailing or by visiting the Service-Learning office in Building F (Library) room F-201.

Service-Learning Leaders Program

Students selected for this program have an important leadership role in encouraging Concordia students to be engaged in serving their community and reflecting on those service activities. The Service-Learning Leaders are vital in promoting a more service-oriented campus culture. They work closely with students, faculty, staff, and community organizations.

Service-Learning Leaders will be involved in the following activities:

  • Working- at the Service-Learning Office (F-201) for several hours a week. Activities could include organizing a particular service opportunity; researching and publicizing opportunities; developing a website and campus bulletin boards; and investigating and cultivating service opportunities in the vicinity of the new campus.
  • Coordinating- a weekly or bi-weekly service opportunity for Concordia students. The Service-Learning Leader will set up the opportunity, publicize it, meet with student volunteers ahead of time, and engage volunteers in a reflection exercise at least once throughout the semester.
  • Publicizing- smaller, one-time or periodic service projects or projects to increase students’ awareness of where service is needed (e.g., letter writing campaign, food drive, invite a representative of a service organization to set up a booth on campus)
  • Assisting- with the Service-Learning Week at Concordia held the first week of November. Students will help with planning, organizing, publicizing, and engaging students in the week’s activities. They will work collaboratively with CAN-DO Missions, SLA, and other organizations.
  • Attending- a short weekly meeting with the Coordinator of the Service-Learning Program..
  • Brainstorming- with the Faculty Task Force to come up with additional, future activities and projects.



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