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Today’s world is in need of a new type of leader. For those who will take the lead in solving the problems of society, it is paramount that they receive training that is relevant to who they are and the type of environment in which they will do business. Leadership training is often done in a vacuum, where one hears about what leaders should do and how leaders should act. But it is seldom done in a real-world setting with real-life experiences.

The College of Business at Concordia University Texas and Thrivent Financial for Lutherans believe that leadership training can and should be different. By partnering together, real world experiences can be learned alongside classroom theory. By having students learn from top-notch business people and then letting them practice learned skills in a complex and fast-paced culture, an environment can be provided where leaders are built to face the challenges of the future. This is what the Thrivent Scholar’s Program at Concordia University Texas can provide.

Thrivent Financial for Lutherans, a Fortune 500 financial services firm, has teamed up with Concordia’s College of Business to offer the first Thrivent Scholar’s Program. This program takes eight students and helps them learn on-the-job-skills while also preparing them for leadership in today’s society. This year’s group will study the topic of Leadership, hearing from distinguished speakers and reading a variety of material on the subject. Participants will also be considered for internships with Thrivent and be eligible to attend leadership conferences.


Meet the 2013 Thrivent Scholars:

Thrivent Group Photo

Front Row:  (Left to Right)  Alexis Carrillo, Brooke Blanton, Alissa Johnson, Alison Pringle, Freddy Carrillo, Amanda Bode

Back Row: (Left to Right) Jason Clifford, Don Christian (Dean, of the College of Business), Jordan Dedear


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