Competitive Athletic Events


Ball Throw

A competitive event which awards ribbons for the longest accurate ball throw. Regulation 12 inch softball will be used for girls, football for boys, with each contestant given two throws in succession.  Scratches count as attempts, but are not measured.  Substitutions may be made as necessary on day of event.

One Minute Basketball

Each participant will have one minute to shoot different types of shots in a sequence
with the object being to score as many points as possible.

Relay Races
Standing Long Jump

A competitive  standing long  jump event.  Substitutions may be made as necessary on day of event.

75 Yard Dash

Each school may enter one team at each grade level (6 members - 3 girls and 3 boys).  Ribbons will be awarded to the top two teams at each grade level.  Please send in your team entries with registration material. Click here for contest details.

Basketball Free Throw

All students may participate - no sign up sheet required

Obstacle Course

All students are encouraged to try their skills at a new obstacle course designed by the Kinesiology Majors.

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