Geography Quiz/Geography Bowl

Geography Quiz    

The Geography Quiz consists of 50 multiple choice written questions on World and U.S. Geography. The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place students from each grade qualify for the Geography Bowl. In case of a tie, the earliest test received will take preference. 
Time Limit:
45 minutes 
Quiz Format: Multiple Choice
Quiz Topics:
Continents and Oceans - Latitude and longitude reading, time zone problems, rotation and revolution of Planet Earth, location and names of continents and oceans.
Geographic Features - Peninsula, isthmus, bay, harbor, archipelago, cape, etc.
Elementary Climatology - Tropical rainforest vs. tropical savanna, tornado vs. hurricane, weather vs. climate
Countries and Cultural Regions - Latin America, Russia, Orient, North America, Europe, Australia, Africa, etc.
Economic Geography - U. S. manufacturing belt, autos in Detroit, rice in China, cotton in Texas, etc.
Conservation - Deforestation, Dust Bowl, strip mining

Geography Bowl (Oral)

The Geography Bowl will have nine contestants. The open-ended verbal questions (What is the capital of Texas ____________?) will be asked in a series of rounds: the 1st round beginning with Person # 1, the 2nd round with Person #2, and so on.  The student will be eliminated when he or she misses two questions. The student has 15 seconds to answer.  If the student needs the moderator to repeat or clarify the question or to spell a word, the student must make the request immediately.  After 15 seconds, the timekeeper will say "time," and the student must answer within 3 seconds. If the student answers incorrectly, the moderator will give the correct response and then move on to the next contestant with a new question.

Championship Round  (Oral)

When only two contestants remain, the format will change.  When Finalist #1 misses a question, Finalist #2 will receive the same question. If he or she misses the question as well, neither Finalist #1 nor Finalist #2 will be charged with an incorrect response.

Note: Finalist #1 and Finalist #2 may enter the Championship Round on unequal terms; that is, Finalist # 1 may already have 1 incorrect answer from an earlier round while Finalist #2 may not have any. In this scenario, Finalist #2 does have the advantage going into the Championship Round.

Note: The Championship Round continues until one of the two finalists has missed a grand total of three questions. Again, questions missed on an earlier round do count against the person's total in the Championship Round.


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