Schools are required to send the Tug-of-War entries in advance with registration; however, changes or additions will be accepted on the day of the event.  Entry cards will be made with the names submitted. Bracket positions will be drawn from the entry cards.  Coaches (or Team Sponsors) are asked to submit any changes or additions at least 10 minutes prior to the starting time for competition at the site of event to the event starter.

Teams and Equipment

  • Each school (or church) may enter a team for each grade level.
  • Three boys and three girls constitute a team (six players).  Except in the case of injury, substitutions of players may not be made from one round to the next.
  • A single-elimination "tournament will be held. Competition will be continuous and winners must be ready for subsequent rounds when called upon.
  • For indoor competition, players will compete barefooted; for outdoor competition, shoes may be worn, but they must be smooth-soled (no shoes with cleats).
  • The use of gloves is permitted and is recommended, but is not required.
  • Players must tug by gripping the rope; they may not wrap the rope around their arms, legs, or bodies in any way.
  • The ultimate safety of the participants will determine the time allowed between final rounds and will be at the discretion of the starter.



The course consists of a starting line over which the flag is positioned at the beginning of the competition and a line on each side of the starting line 8 feet away over which each team is attempting to tug the flag.   A long rope with a flag tied to the middle will be used. Teams will put tension on the rope while the official positions the flag over the starting line. Competition begins when the official blows the whistle. The team to pull the flag across their 8-foot line first is the winner. If after one minute no team has pulled the flag across the finish line, the team that has pulled the flag on their side of the starting line is the winner.

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