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Here are the contest rules for your ensembles, and for the individual students who will be participating in this year’s Concordia Texas Young Musician’s Solo and Ensemble Contest.  If you indicated on your original registration that students would be participating in this event, you should receive an email with more information regarding forms.  If you have not heard from us within 48 hours of your registration, please email

We would prefer that you register your students ahead of time, so that we may prepare enough time slots and order enough ribbons for the projected number of students.

All registered students can begin signing up for a time slot beginning at 8 AM in Building B.

You may register your students in two ways:

1) Fax the forms emailed to you to 512-313-1602

2) Or email entry form to

Students may enter a maximum of:

• Two solos providing they are in different categories AND
• Two ensembles providing they are in different categories

Categories are as follows:
Solo Categories: 
• Piano
• Voice
• Strings – acoustic guitar, violin, viola, cello, harp
• Instrumental – brass, woodwind, percussion

Ensemble Categories:
• Vocal Ensemble: small 2 – 8 singers and large 10+
• Instrumental: small only – 2 – 10 players max.

Scores: Each soloist and each director of an ensemble shall supply 3 copies of the performance score with measures numbered. (One must be an Original)
(A) The judge’s are instructed not to permit performance to begin until they have received such a score.
(B) Exception: Judge’s may hear an ensemble without the scores under both the following provisions:
     (i) A statement from a music retailer or music publisher that no published score exists is provided to the judge.
     (ii) A set of original parts is supplied in lieu of the score.

*Please note that the ensemble section of the contest is not for concert bands, or orchestras.

As a recommendation, we are asking that you choose selections from the UIL (University Interscholastic League’s): Prescribed Music List (PML) for both solos and ensembles. We look forward to your participation in this year’s solo and ensemble contest!

All forms should me emailed or faxed to or 512-313-1602

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