Science Project

In addition to general registration, you will be required to submit the Science Project Entry form. If you indicated on your original registration that students would be participating in this event, you should receive an email with more information regarding the Science Project Entry form.  If you have not heard from us within 48 hours of your registration, please email form is due no later than March 31st, 2012 and should be emailed or faxed to or 512-313-1602

Students are encouraged to use the following judging criteria checklist:


  • The display has a suitable title prominently displayed.
  • There is an indication that the student(s) planned the project and the plans were well executed – it has a well-worded purpose and was done over an extended period.
  • The display is well done and communicates the demonstration, scientific study, or outcomes well.
  • There is evidence that data/information were gathered or research was conducted in completing the project.
  • A valid conclusion or final paragraph indicates that the student(s) learned something by doing the project.   
  • If data were gathered or literature research was conducted, graphs or sketches/photographs help to present the data.  Literature sources are properly cited.
  • The display has merit in presenting a science topic or in answering the research question.  
  • The study is obviously the work of the student and not of an interested adult.
  • An accompanying written report is well organized, supports the visual display, and documents the study.
  • The display is well organized, neat, and appealing.
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