Question:  How much does it cost?

Tuition for the 2011-2012 academic year is: $450 per credit hour. This comes to $1350 for each three hour course, and $1800 for each four hour course. This covers computer use fees, parking fees, etc. and even includes textbooks.

Question:  Am I too old to try this?

The average age of students in the ADP program is 38. There are many who are older, and many who are younger. The minimum age for admission to this program is 23. We have had graduates well over 50. Chances are you will feel very comfortable in the classroom with other adults.

Question:  Is this a "paper mill" or a well-established program?

Concordia University Texas (including the ADP program) is a fully accredited university with a long, rich history. The course work, while condensed, is rigorous.  Students can expect about 20 hours of outside work every week.  

Question:  Are any of these courses online?

Some courses incorporate the use of Blackboard. However, at this time, none of the courses offered through ADP are offered exclusively online. 

Question:  How long will it take me to complete my HCA degree?

The Bachelor of Arts in Healthcare Administration degree is a 128 credit hour degree. The length of time it takes is directly related to the number of credit hours transfered in. Although attending class only one night a week,  students typically complete 12-15 credit hours in one semester. 

Question: Are courses in religion required?

As Concordia University Texas is owned and operated by The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, the Christian ethos is reflected in all aspects of our work, including our mission statement: We develop Christian leaders. Coursework in religion is required of each Concordia student, but we welcome students of all faiths and traditions. Our religion courses are taught in a spirit of tolerance and respect.

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