Behavioral Intervention and Support Team (BIST)

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The Behavioral Intervention and Support Team (BIST) - exists to ensure that Concordia University Texas maintains a best-practices approach to providing appropriate threat assessment for the university and to provide support and resources to students of concern.


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  • Balance the educational needs of the student and the academic mission of the University
  • Provide structure for an effective method of addressing student behaviors that impact the University
  • Manage each case individually
  • Initiate appropriate intervention
  • Eliminate fragmented care
  • Be a resource for students, faculty, administrators, and staff.


Concordia University Texas will maintain a Behavioral Intervention and Support Team, whose goal is to provide early support for and intervention to students who are exhibiting disruptive behavior in order to best serve them and enhance their opportunities for success as well as to protect the university community.


Membership of the Team should include staff from areas of campus who have regular interaction with students.  Members may represent the student conduct and residential life function (Student Services), the counseling/disabilities function (Success Center), Athletics, Student Central, and Campus Security. Others can be included as needed to deal with specific situations. The core team should be kept small so that it can meet and respond quickly when threats are identified. 


The function of the Team will be to consider disruptive behaviors among the student body. The team meets regularly and when needed in emergencies to:

  • receive reports from the campus about concerning or disruptive student behaviors
  • track these behaviors
  • identify when conduct needs to be addressed and the appropriate avenue to address it – including but not limited to university or civil judicial action or mandated mental health assessment
  • identify services needed by these students
  • intervene with the student or delegate an appropriate intervener
  • follow up on interventions including student’s cooperation with team requests, e.g. mandated assessment and the student’s stability within the university community
  • recommend involuntary leave of absence and/or voluntary medical withdrawal, when appropriate


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