Safety and Security

Concordia University Texas is committed to the safety and security of all individuals on campus. In the event of an emergency, the University will provide an appropriate campus-wide response to maintain safety and order as well as minimize injury, loss of life and property damage.



I. Introduction

Parking at Concordia is a privilege granted to all current students with a valid parking permit. Due to the increased demand for parking space, a parking permit does not guarantee a parking space. The applicable fee for the parking sticker will be assessed. Permits may be purchased at the Campus Police/ID Office located in Building D, room 124.

II. General Policy

Parking permits are required to park at Concordia. Permit types are used to designate parking locations on campus; please refer to the map legend. A Concordia parking sticker must be purchased and displayed in the appropriate location on the vehicle at all times. The parking permit sticker must be placed on the lower left corner of the vehicle front windshield, just above the vehicle registration and vehicle inspection sticker.

III. Handicapped Parking

Vehicles displaying valid state or District of Columbia-issued handicapped licensed tags and/or window permits identifying the driver or passenger as handicapped will be authorized to park in designated handicapped spaces.

IV. Visitor Parking

Visitors may park in metered parking spaces or obtain a visitor's parking hang tag permit from the Campus Police/ID Office. The president and directors of Concordia, its agents and employees hereby disclaim responsibility, expressed or implied, to protect against theft or damage to vehicles or their contents.

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