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Welcome to Concordia University Texas' College of Business. Our mission is to develop students to be people of influence - people who will make a difference throughout their lives.  Being a person of influence happens in a variety of arenas: in the classroom, on the job, in one's church, throughout the community, and within the family.  Influence connotes leadership, and that is ultimately what Concordia does - Develop Christian Leaders.

The College of Business oversees programs and degrees in a variety of areas: a traditional Bachelor of Business Administration degree; accelerated Bachelor degrees for non-traditional students in Business, Healthcare Administration, and Human Resource Management; and a Masters in Business Administration.  Each of these programs have been developed to provide an education that is rigorous and relevant for students.  Whether you are graduating from high school, looking to finish your degree after many years out of school, or moving forward in your career through an advanced degree, Concordia's College of Business can help you achieve your goals and dreams by providing a comprehensive education and value-added experiences that allow you to learn and practice the skills needed for success in business - and in life.

Martin Luther, in his explanation to the first article of the Apostle's Creed, states that God, out of his loving goodness and kindness, provides each person with all that they need. As a response to that love, we are to serve and obey Him. Everything that happens in the College of Business is an act of stewardship - using what God has given us to make the world a better place. It is my hope that you - either as a student, colleague, friend, or associate of the COB - will have the opportunity to discover how that works.

Dr. Donald Christian

Dean of the College of Business

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Our mission is to develop Christian leaders