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At Concordia we pride ourselves in our outstanding faculty and elite-level academics. Below you'll find a list of majors offered that will lead you on a path to future success.

Bachelor of Business Administration

Our B.B.A. offers concentrations in five areas: Accounting, Finance, General Business, Management, and Marketing. In addition, minors can be earned in Accounting, General Business and Finance.

Bachelor of Arts in Behavioral Sciences

The Behavioral Sciences major draws from the academic areas of psychology and sociology.  Students in this program explore the effect of human actions on relationships and decision-making. Through this, they develop functional, transferable skills in critical thinking, problem solving and communication.

Bachelor of Arts in Biology

Concordia's Biology major gives students the capabilities necessary for them to further explore the field of biology, to promote stewardship of the biotic environment, and to provide Christian leadership in careers related to biological sciences. The Bachelor of Arts in Biology allows students the flexibility of taking courses outside the realm of natural sciences to supplement their education.

Bachelor of Arts in Business

The B.A. in Business develops leadership skills and prepares graduates to become effective, caring, Christian managers.  With an emphasis on finance and accounting, it will equip students to enter graduate-level programs in business and business-related fields.  Like all ADP degrees, the B.A. in Business emphasizes communication skills.

Bachelor of Arts in Communication

This major equips students with a solid understanding and an essential competency in innovative, precise and ethical communication. In the Information Age men and women with this type of formal schooling will have a distinct advantage in sharing ideas, molding opinions and shaping the future. If messages are to be heard above all others, they will need to be messages of clarity, creativity and distinction.

Bachelor of Arts in Director of Christian Education

This major prepares students to be Directors of Christian Education (DCEs). DCEs are ministers of the Gospel who have been trained as parish education specialists and called to work with the pastor, staff, and lay leaders of a congregation.

Bachelor of Arts in Education

The Education major provides pre-service elementary education teachers with general knowledge of God's wondrous world as taught in the elementary curriculum.

Bachelor of Arts in English

An English major provides students the opportunity to read and critically analyze a variety of literary genres, and to develop skills in communicating clearly and coherently in both their speaking and writing.

Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Science

The environmental science program is designed to help students develop the behaviors, skills, attitudes, and knowledge consistent with ideals of Christian stewardship in dealing with the biophysical environment.

Bachelor of Arts in Healthcare Administration

The accelerated Healthcare Administration degree provides adult students (with two or more years of work experience) with an extensive understanding of healthcare issues facing today's Healthcare professional.

Bachelor of Arts in History

The History major provides students with a strong background in U.S., Mexican, and European history.

Bachelor of Arts in Human Resource Management

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Human Resources Management provides current and up-and-coming human resource (HR) professionals the skills necessary to position their organizations on the cutting edge of workforce development and management. By equipping HR students with proven candidate analysis and training techniques, a broad range of compensation models, the latest in personnel training, labor relations skills, strategic management, networking opportunities and more, Concordia University Texas HR graduates will be prepared to serve in a broad range of HR roles.

Bachelor of Arts in Kinesiology

The Kinesiology program is designed to prepare Christian leaders for positions in the varied careers that are encompassed by human movement.

Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics

Concordia's Mathematics major offers courses in algebra, analysis, calculus, continuous and other math classes.

Bachelor of Arts in Multidisciplinary Studies

The Liberal Arts program provides a classical liberal arts education, covering a variety of academic areas.

Bachelor of Arts in Music Ministry

This program educates musicians who will direct and organize the musical facets of the worship service. They will be trained to perform on their instrument of expertise, conduct and lead musical groups and organize worship.

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

The Political Science  major prepares individuals to be professionally literate in the fields of law, politics, research, leadership, and analytical reasoning.  Forty-seven (47) hours of required course work includes courses in political science, religion, behavioral sciences, a thesis, scientific methods, and at least three semesters of practicum and/or service projects.

Bachelor of Science in Biology

The biology program helps cultivate in students those capabilities necessary for them to continue to explore the field of biology, promote stewardship of the biotic environment, and provide Christian leadership in careers related to biological science.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

The Computer Science major at Concordia is designed to provide a balance of theoretical and practical knowledge necessary for success in this increasingly important field.

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science

This program is designed to help students develop the behaviors, skills, attitudes, and knowledge consistent with ideals of Christian stewardship in dealing with the biophysical environment.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

This program is designed to  prepare students for the unique blend of human compassion,  advanced healthcare technology, and leadership in healthcare systems that characterize nursing today. Start as a new student and complete four years at Concordia, or transfer in.

Master of Business Administration

Concordia Texas' MBA program is designed for professionals with a sincere desire to become leaders who will change the world around them.

Master of Education

Concordia's Master of Education program is designed to enhance your expertise by putting an emphasis in leadership, technology and communication.

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