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Week of Welcome

As we kick off the new school year, Week of Welcome is packed with activities to help you get settled back in and connect with other students. Some events are specifically for freshmen, but ALL students are invited to join us for the week!

Our highlight of the week is Tuesday, where we will host an opening convocation ceremony for new students, followed by the fifth annual Welcome Party. This year's free party will feature a performance by The Levites, food trucks, vendors, and games! Can't wait to see you there. Woosh!

*Freshmen, athletes, and residential students have required events during the week. Please take note of which events you are required to attend.

Saturday, 8/22

Time Event Location Notes
8:00a-2:00p New Student Move In Res Halls  
11:30a-2:00p Lunch Dining Hall  
3:00-6:00p Dinner Dining Hall  
6:00p Engage Dinner Black Box  Invitation only, please
8:00-9:00p Hall Meetings for Resident Students Res Halls  Required for all residential students
9:00-11:00p T-Shirt Trade Up Res Halls  


Sunday, 8/23

Time Event Location Notes
10:30a-11:30a Worship & Parent Send-Off Chapel  
12:00-2:00p Brunch Dining Hall  
12:00-2:00p Returning Student Move In Res Halls  
4:00-6:00p Dinner Dining Hall  
6:00-8:00p Life & Leadership Opening Chapel  Required for all freshmen enrolled in L&L
8:00-10:00p Purple vs. Gold Games Tornado Field  


Monday, 8/24

Time Event Location Notes
7:00-10:30a Breakfast Dining Hall  
10:00a-12:00p Service Project Deck between C&D Required for all freshmen enrolled in L&L 
12:00-2:00p Lunch Dining Hall  
2:00-4:00p Athletics Compliance Meeting Chapel  Required for all athletes
3:00-4:00p Perks of Being a Tornado Black Box  

Excursions: Student Success, Career Services,

Study Abroad, Student Activities, Spiritual Life

TBD Students may choose two sessions  
5:00-7:00p Dinner Dining Hall  
8:00-9:15p All Resident Housing Meeting Chapel  All residential students required to attend
9:30-11:00p Trivia Night @ Pluckers Pluckers Lakeline  


Tuesday, 8/25

Time Event Location Notes
7:00-10:30a Breakfast Dining Hall  
10:00-11:00a College Of... Welcome TBD  Each academic college invites you to join them for an opening session
11:00a-1:30p Lunch Dining Hall  
1:00-2:00p International Student Orientation C-238  
2:30-4:30p Spare Parts & Underwater Dreams Chapel  
5:00-6:00p Convocation Fieldhouse  
6:00-8:00p Welcome Party 2015 TBD  


Wednesday, 8/26

Time Event Location Notes
10:30-11:00a Campus Worship Chapel  
7:00-10:00p Backyard Games & Movie Night The Backyard  


Thursday, 8/27

Time Event Location Notes
10:30-11:00a Campus Worship Chapel  
8:00-9:00p 908 Tailgate Building A  
9:08-10:30p 908 Worship Chapel  


Friday, 8/28

Time Event Location Notes
10:30-11:00a Campus Worship Chapel  
1:00-3:00p College Colors Day The Pier  
9:00p-12:00a Dancing on the Pier The Pier  


Saturday, 8/29

Time Event Location Notes
8:00a-1:00p CTX Outdoor Rec to Hamilton Pool & Reimer's Ranch  Hamilton Pool  Must sign up in advance


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