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2012 Driving Safety Campaign

Driving Safety

Hopefully, you have noticed the vehicle in front of campus.  This vehicle was supplied by Southside Wrecker Inc. to help Concordia University bring awareness to drunk driving and the consequences of unsafe driving.  In Texas, there were 88 pedestrians or pedal cyclists, 194 passengers in vehicles, 630 drivers, 8 other and 146 vehicles not driven by DUI drivers that were killed in 2010 because drunk driving.  At Concordia University Texas, we are concerned about our students’ safety and want to give you some helpful tips:

Stop driving while intoxicated with some simple tips:

  • Volunteer to be a designated driver.
  • Never condone or approve of excessive alcohol consumption.
  • Don't ever let your friends drive drunk.


Along with helpful tips on preventing driving while intoxicated, we want to inform you of some helpful hints on how to drive in inclement weather.  An article on suggests the following tips while driving on snow:


  1. Make sure you can see.  Replace windshield wiper blades.
  2. Run the air-conditioner.   In order to remove condensation and frost from the interior of windows, engage your air- conditioner and select the fresh air option.
  3. Check your lights.  Use your headlights so that others will see you and, we hope, not pull out in front of you. 
  4. Give yourself a brake.  Learn how to get maximum efficiency from your brakes before an emergency.  It’s easy to properly use antilock brakes: stomp, stay and steer. 
  5. Get a grip. To have adequate snow traction, a tire requires at least 6/32-inch deep tread, according to The Tire Rack.


Finally, we want to make sure you are safe on your way home, so please come by CTX Police and get a Travel Checklist informing you of some items you need to check on your vehicle before you head home. 


Common Forms:


If you still have questions, please come by the CTXPD or email us at


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