Pre-Law & Political Science Minors


Political Science Minor

21 Hours of Political Sciences Courses. Must include the following:

            POLS 1303      American Government & Citizenship

            POLS 2331      Principles of Political Science

            POLS 2332      American Political Institutions & Processes

            POLS 3333      International Relations & Comparative Politics

            POLS XXXX      POLS 2000 or 3000 Level Elective

            POLS XXXX      POLS 3000 Level Elective

            POLS XXXX      POLS 3000 Level Elective



Legal Studies Minor (Recommended for Pre-Law Students)

22 Hours of required courses.  Must include the following:

            POLS 1303       American Government & Citizenship

            POLS 2306       Texas State & Local Government


            POLS 2331       Principles of Political Science

            POLS 2116       Political Science Mock Practicum (Moot Court/1 Hr.)

            POLS 2302       Introduction to Law

            POLS 3302       American Constitutional Law

            COM 3308       Persuasive Communication

            ENG 3311        Advanced Writing

            POLS 3X03       Readings in Political Science


            BADM 2333     Business Law

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