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The following is a compendium of information about Concordia University Texas (CTX) people, programs, policies and services.  It serves as a valuable resource for students as they seek to learn about CTX expectations, get engaged within the campus and local community, explore academic and co-curricular opportunities, or search for assistance in addressing a wide range of issues.  Please note that this information is subject to revision by individual offices during the school year.  As such revisions are posted or otherwise distributed, they will supersede the material listed here.

Should you require additional assistance, please contact any of the resource persons listed in this information.


Student Information

This material offers valuable information regarding the rights of students in all University situations, and should be retained as a helpful reference.  Students hold final responsibility for knowing the policies and regulations of Concordia University Texas.

The relationship of Concordia University Texas with all students enrolled in its classes and programs and/or living in its campus housing is non-custodial in nature, and legally no special relationship exists between Concordia University Texas and its students.  Concordia is not a guarantor of student safety on campus, on field trips, in transportation situations or in any other situations, involving physical risks.

This material was prepared on the basis of information available at the current time and is subject to change without notice or obligation.  It does not pretend to be all inclusive, but does address matters that student ask about the most, and the issues that cause the most problems if students are not aware of expectations made of them.

Finally, this material does not constitute a contract, express or implied, between any student and the University.  The University reserves the right to make changes to this material as deemed necessary.  Changes become effective whenever the proper authorities so determine.


A Note on Retaliation and Harassment

Threats or other forms of intimidation and/or retaliation against a student or employee for bringing a complaint of any alleged violation of the Student Code of Conduct, the Housing Agreement, or other University policy are prohibited. This includes threats or other forms of intimidation and/or retaliation against the family or friends of a student or employee who brings a complaint, those who assist a student or employee in bringing a complaint, or those who participate in an investigation and/or student discipline process for an alleged violation of the Student Code of Conduct or other University policy. Retaliation is a violation of University policy and may also be a violation of the law. All incidents that are believed to constitute retaliation should be reported immediately to the Director of Residential Life and/or Director of Student Services (when the individual alleged to have engaged in retaliation is a student) or to the Director of Human Resources (when the individual alleged to have engaged in retaliation is a non-student).

Student Complaint Procedure (pdf)

The Concordia Community (pdf)

Student Services (pdf)

Communication Sources (pdf)

Health (pdf)

Student Life (pdf)


Student Policies


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