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History Degree Requirements

The History major provides students with a strong background in U.S., Mexican, and European history. The knowledge and skills acquired by students of history will help them develop their intellectual capacity and will serve them in a variety of professions.


The History major encourages flexibility by requiring a broad range of courses in the areas of liberal arts and the social sciences. The history degree requirements are such that students might consider double majoring in areas such as Education, Communications, English, Business Management, or Behavioral Sciences. This flexibility allows students to formulate their degree program to satisfy their intellectual and career interests.

Career Possibilities

By strengthening the students' information-gathering abilities as well as their organizational, analytical, research, and writing skills, the history major prepares graduates for a wide variety of careers in academic, professional, and business fields such as teaching, governmental service, law, and resource management. In addition, a history major helps students prepare for graduate study in the areas of liberal arts, social science, library, law and the ministry.

Bachelor of Arts in History

Core Curriculum: 58-60 semester hours of courses in English, Fine Arts, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Kinesiology, Social/Behavioral Sciences, Communication, Foreign Language, Religion, Classics/Humanities, and Leadership. 
Major: 46 semester hours

ENG X3XX (a writing class) - ENG 3311 Advanced writing is recommended

ECO 2301 Intro to Macroeconomics

GRG 1311 Principles of Geography -OR- GRG 1312 World Regional Geography

HIS 1301 U.S. History to 1877 -OR- HIS 1302 U.S. History from 1877 (whichever was not taken in the core curriculum)

HIS 2321 Western Civilization to 1715

HIS 2322 Western Civilization from 1715

HIS 2201 Historical Methods

HIS 3301 History of Mexico

HIS 3314 Traditions & Values of Classical Civilization

HIS 3321 International Relations Since 1919

HIS 4201 Senior Thesis

HIS 3341 Civil War Era -OR- HIS HIS 3342 The American West -OR- HIS 3343 U.S. History from 1945


Plus one of the following:

ANT 1301 Introduction to Anthropology

HIS/SOC 2306 Race and Ethnic Relations

ART 1304 Introduction to Art History: Ancient

ART 1305 Introduction to Art History: Modern


Plus three of the following:

HIS3304 History & Culture of the Mexican American

HIS 3311 Texas History

HIS/REL 3354 History of Christianity*

HIS4310 History Internship

HIS 4360 Topics in History

HIS 3341 The Civil War Era (if not taken to fulfill another requirement)

HIS 3342 The American West (if not taken to fulfill another requirement)

HIS 3343 U.S. History from 1945-1990 (if not taken to fulfill another requirement)

HIS 3398 National/International Travel**

* may double count toward Core and Major

**May be repeated, but only used once to fulfill the History Major requirements

Electives: A sufficient number of course semester hours to meet your interests and needs to bring the total number of credit hours to 128.


For more information on the History major, or any history course, contact:

Debra Allen, Ph.D.
Director, History Major

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