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English Degree Requirements

The English program provides a high level of skill and appreciation in the art of language. Students learn to write precise and stylistic English, to organize and communicate ideas effectively and to appreciate, analyze and interpret various types of literature.

Special Features

Students in the English program have opportunities for study in their areas of special interest through independent study and topics overseas.

Career Possibilities

A major in English equips students for successful entry into graduate school in the liberal arts, particularly in fields such as English, American Studies and Journalism. It is also outstanding preparation for law school or seminary students.

Students majoring in English frequently choose teaching as a profession, either on the college level (after graduate school) or on the secondary level. (A secondary teaching certificate requires additional coursework in education, also available at Concordia.)

Those not interested in teaching find employment in any field which emphasizes the use of language, clear expression and logical thinking. Advertising agencies, public relations firms, publishers, broadcasters, state agencies and large businesses all require employees who are skilled in written communication. In fact, the top priority of most major employers in any field of industry are employees with outstanding oral, presentation, and written skills.


Bachelor of Arts in English

Core Curriculum: 56-58 semester hours of courses in English, Fine Arts, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Kinesiology, Social/Behavioral Sciences, Communication, Foreign Language, Religion, Classics/Humanities, and Leadership. All students, regardless of major, must demonstrate Computer Competency either by taking the Computer Competency Exam or taking and passing CIS 1301 Intro to Personal Computers, preferably in their freshman year.

Major Requirements: 39 total credit hours

ENG 2301 Survey of Classicism

ENG 2302 Survey of Romanticism

ENG 2303 American Literature -OR- ENG 2305 British Literature

ENG 3302 Drama

ENG 3303 Short Story

ENG 3305 Poetry

ENG 3323 Shakespeare

ENG 4303 Major Ethnic Writers of the United States

ENG 4307 Introduction to Literary Criticism

PLUS: Four (4) English courses not taken within the Major Requirements (above). May include, but are not limited to:

ENG 2303 American Literature

ENG 2305 British Literature

ENG 2331 History of the English Language

ENG 3301 The Novel: British

ENG 3308 The Novel: American

ENG 3307 Drama at Stratford (travel class)

ENG 3309 Modern Fiction

ENG 3310 English Internship

ENG 3311 Advanced Writing

ENG 3316 Creative Writing: Fiction

ENG 3317 Creative Writing: Poetry

ENG 3325 The Literature of Diversity

ENG 3341 Hispanic Writers of the U.S.

ENG 4304 The Bible as Literature

ENG 4306 King Arthur

ENG 4308 Chaucer

ENG 4311 American Women Writers of the 19th Century

ENG 4312 British Women Writers of the 19th Century: Jane Austen

ELECTIVES: Sufficient number of upper-level academic hours to bring the total number of hours to 128.


For more information about the English Major, or courses, please contact:
Claudia Teinert, Ph.D.
Director, English Major

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