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Concordia University Press is an agency of Concordia University Texas (CTX) that seeks to fulfill the university’s mission by publishing works that develop Christian leaders. As such, the press has most recently (Fall 2011) published the life story of a Texas church leader, President Gotthilf Birkmann, a President of the Texas District, the man after whom Concordia's previous chapel was named. It is managed by Dr. David Zersen, Managing Editor, and Dr. Joel Heck, Executive Editor.

Our Mission Statement: Concordia University Press (CUP) is committed to disseminating works of substance and general interest consistent with the heritage and mission of Concordia University Texas.

To order any of our publications, indicate which book(s) you desire to purchase, send a check made out to "Concordia University Press," and mail it to the following address: Concordia University Press, 11400 Concordia University Drive, Austin, TX 78726. The cost of each book is listed next to the title. Please add $4.00 for postage, shipping, and handling. Most of our books are also available on and may be ordered from Amazon.

All of the publications listed in our Publications link can be ordered by making out a check in the appropriate amount (prices listed after each publication) to "Concordia University Press" and mailing it to Dr. Joel Heck, Concordia University Press, 11400 Concordia University Drive, Austin, Texas 78726. Include $3.00 for postage and packaging in addition to the price of the book or other item you are ordering.

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Our mission is to develop Christian leaders