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Every now and then you encounter someone who demonstrates excellence in their work. It might be an exceptional associate who anticipates your every need, a manager who motivates high performance and loyalty in the team, or a volunteer leader for a community program. It could be your child's teacher, who takes extra care in nurturing math skills in his or her students. Excellence - true excellence - is something we prize. When we see it, it brings us joy and inspiration. People who exhibit excellence are often described as, "She's a natural;" or "He loves what he does." But, what is actually happening when we experience excellence?

Concordia's vision is to be the premier university where the adventure of faith, learning, and life-changing experiences leads to meaningful work. We believe that Concordia students reach their goals while immersed in a liberal arts education that teaches career as only one expression of vocation.

A.G. Lafley, former CEO of Proctor Gamble said, "The formula for businesses trying to compete in today's economy is simple: hire employees with mental agility, leadership, and passion to navigate change - in other words, hire those who are educated in the liberal arts." Employers agree that excellent employees think critically and analytically, write well, navigate complex situations, have intellectual curiosity, and develop creative, comprehensive solutions.

These competencies describe Concordia graduates in all of our majors and programs.


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Concordia students are:

Thinking critically analytically - Students learn how to engage with problems, ask questions, think analytically, and make decisions in the classroom.

Speaking clearly effectively - Students learn to take a proactive approach to learning and engage in an interactive classroom environment.

Developing personal values ethics - Students explore and discover personal assets and learn how to influence with integrity.

Working effectively with others - Students learn how to lead, discover their calling and purpose, and leverage their strengths and influence through teamwork.


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