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Internship Program


View Internship Program at a Glance for details about the program an how to apply.

Internships are a way for students to gain valuable work experience and explore career paths in jobs related to their major.  Several majors require an internship and students can choose to do additional internships as an elective. Finding an internship can be accomplished on your own, through the faculty internship advisor, or through the Center for Vocation and Professional Development.

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Student Internship Application 


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Experiential Learning is an essential part of education at Concordia. Internships are a highly sought after and promoted. Over 50% of Concordia's degree programs that offer an internship course require it as part of the major.  Download the Internship Partner Guide for more information and how to connect with CTX students for internships.

 While schedules may vary depending on the employer and student, there are a certain amount of hours required to obtain credit for an internship.  An internship usually takes place over a fall, spring, or summer semester; and often students can complete the required hours during the summer semester in less time.


Why become an internship partner?  

Concordia students are:

Thinking Critically & Analytically – Students learn in the classroom how to engage with problems, ask questions, analyze and make decisions.

Speaking Clearly/Effectively – Students learn to take a proactive approach to learning and engage in an interactive classroom environment.

Developing personal values/ethics – Students explore and discover personal assets and learn how to influence with integrity.    

Working effectively with others – Students learn how to lead where they are, discover their calling and purpose, and leverage their strengths and influence through teamwork. 

How to become an internship partner

Connect with CTX students by connecting with the Center.  We will collaborate with the faculty internship advisors to match students to an internship opportunity.

  1. Download the Internship Partner Guide.
  2. Post the job description on at 
  3. Email the job description to career services at
  4. Contact the director of the internship program, Randa Scott at or call 512-313-5041.


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